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BackupBuddy Multisite 2.2.35 – Import Steps & Logs!

One of the things we do at PluginBuddy is add feature plans to BackupBuddy based on what you and all other BackupBuddy users suggest to us.

We have some good news for people who use BackupBuddy Multisite Beta Import a lot.

BackupBuddy 2.2.35 now has one of the most asked-for feature requests for BackupBuddy Multisite Import section: Import Steps and Import Logs!

BackupBuddy Multisite Import Steps & Import Logs

All BackupBuddy backup and restore areas take you through detailed steps and provide detailed logs, allowing you to see what’s happening all the time through the WordPress Multisite Import process.

We added the same steps and logs to the Import process. No more being in the dark: you’ll be walked through each step and shown on each step what’s being done.

Importing a single site into a Multisite has never been so awesomely comfortable, since now you have full logs for every step.

So now you can know exactly what’s happening, what’s being done, and if you run into any errors related to your server or setup. BackupBuddy Multisite Import feature now has fully automatic cleanup options too!

Upgrade to BackupBuddy 2.2.35 today!

Go ahead and give the new BackupBuddy Multisite Import in 2.2.35 a spin. You’re going to love the new Multisite Import logs.

You can upgrade manually via the PluginBuddy Member’s area, or automatically via your WordPress –> Plugins section.

As always, we consider every single feature suggestion you send our way. Got something in mind? Please let us know in the BackupBuddy forums, where you’ll find me, the BackupBuddy support team and thousands of other BackupBuddy users sharing knowledge, tips, suggestions, and answers.

We want to hear from you too on the forums!

If you’ve any questions about BackupBuddy or the new BackupBuddy Multisite Import steps and logs in general, please post them in the comments below.

Knowledge is power. Happy importing!




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