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Go Far Together [New iThemes Office Mural]

We recently wrapped up a mural project at the iThemes office. We just finished up a remodel to accommodate for new work areas as we’ve expanded, so we gained a nice bare wall that needed some personality.

We have several iThemes mottos, and one of them is an ancient African proverb:

In the fast-paced world of web development and design, it’s good to be reminded that we do greater work together than we could ever do alone.

Brad, our designer, sketched up a few amazing designs and we went to work enlarging it by 1000% for its new home on the wall. Over the span of 3 days, it took around nine hours to complete:

Here’s a time lapse of us painting it (enjoy!):

Join us for the State of iThemes webinar on February 29 @ 6pm CST. We’ll be sharing more of our strategic plan and initiatives, vision, and core values (like this one) with our customer community, including our annual theme for 2012 “Make Waves” (which is awesome).

Grab your State of iThemes seat now!




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