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Intro to PluginBuddy Mobile: Feb 6th, 2012 Webinar

Hi again everyone! :)

Bes Zain here from the PluginBuddy team.

Yesterday we had a great Mobile webinar that walked you through the process of uploading and activating Mobile, converting your WordPress site into a mobile site, responsive themes VS Mobile plugin, and many other great Mobile related topics.

Intro to PluginBuddy Mobile Webinar

Here is the entire PluginBuddy Mobile webinar I did yesterday, with live chat happening as usual on iThemes.TV. We had a live questions and answers session too, recorded in the video for your reference:

Intro to making WordPress mobile with PluginBuddy Mobile

Intro to making WordPress mobile with PluginBuddy Mobile

Upcoming Webinar: Intro to BackupBuddy & Multisite

Be sure to participate in our other upcoming PluginBuddy webinars.

Tomorrow we have an Intro webinar for BackupBuddy & Multisite. If you have a WordPress Multisite or are thinking of creating one, this webinar is for you.

You can register for BackupBuddy & Multisite Webinar right away.

Thanks for watching and attending our PluginBuddy webinars. :)

See you again soon!




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