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iThemes Annual Planning Retreat Feb. 14-15; Expect Slow Support Response Times

The iThemes team will be holding our annual planning retreat next week — specifically on Feb. 14-15 — and will have the entire team (except one remote team member) in from around the world, including these traveling support moderators Ronald van Weerd, Sridhar Katakam, and Bes Zain. These guys in particular are here for an extended period of time (staying at hotels and dealing with jet lag so go easy on them please!).

As such our forum support response times may be slow during these days — Feb. 14-15 — while we plan and talk about goals and objectives for the upcoming year as a team in Oklahoma City.

Please be patient, kind, understanding with us during this time … and be a community — be helpful to each other as much as you can in the forums. In other words, just be who you are — the most gracious, awesome people in the world!

Our awesome support and dev teams will do our best to keep up during this time, but if you are planning a big project, or in need of help, please seek help head of time on the support forum.

By the way, we’re super excited for 2012 as we’re looking to Make Waves.

This is an enormous event for our company as we get together to improve what we’re doing, plot what we’re going to be shooting for … and dream big.

You, our customer community, will see great results from this time in the coming months and I hope you’re as excited as we are about it for what we’re going to do for you this year!

Here’s to an epic 2012 together!


  1. Have all the spouses and sweethearts been consulted about this retreat taking place on Valentines Day? I’d be pretty cranky about the planned date if I was in their shoes! Oweeee!

  2. I’m dying to know what YOUR sweetheart thinks about this! Oh boy! My husband would be in trouble to the tune of a pair of diamond earrings!!!!!! LOL!



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