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Intro to BackupBuddy Multisite: Feb 8th, 2012 Webinar

Hi everyone. :)

Bes Zain here from the PluginBuddy team. We had an awesome BackupBuddy and Multisite webinar on Wednesday!

We went from basic introduction to what BackupBuddy can do for your Multisite, to detailed info on all the Multisite features inside BackupBuddy, to actual Export, Import, Duplicate, migration of an Exported site from a Multisite, migration of an entire Multisite, and much more.

Thank you everyone for asking such awesome questions, for enjoying the webinars, and for attending! 😀

BackupBuddy & Multisite Walkthrough

Here is the entire BackupBuddy & Multisite webinar from February 8th, 2012, with live chat happening as usual on iThemes.TV in the right hand side of the window. I try to include such live chat on the right hand side of all my webinars so that I see all the questions as they happen, and so that everyone watching the video can see all the questions and answers also.

Intro to BackupBuddy and Multisites

Backup your Multisites and do a lot more with BackupBuddy

The webinars are one of the best ways to learn about WordPress, different features and to see live demonstrations of what’s happening. Try to attend any of our free webinars and see what the knowledge, practical demonstrations and the fun is all about.

Upcoming Webinar: Introducing the new PluginBuddy Slides!

On February 16th, 2012 we have an amazing Intro to Slides webinar! That’s right, we’re offering a full and at least 1-hour long free webinar on the ins and outs of our super new plugin Slides.

Slides allows you to create slideshows with side-by-side images and content, and put them anywhere on your site! I’ll be showing you some live examples of what you can do with Slides. Be sure to prepare any questions you may have, so that we can cover them live through the iThemes.TV Live Chat while the webinar is going on.

You can register for Slides intro webinar right away for free.

Thanks for watching and attending our PluginBuddy webinars. :)

See you soon for the Slides Intro Webinar!



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