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Lunchtime Chat: 7 Keys to Rockin’ Business Websites

We’ve all seen them.  And frankly, most of us intend to have one. They’re “rockin’ websites”–sites that stand out above the rest, leaving a memorable impression or a flat-out great user experience. But where do you begin?

The truth is: rockin’ websites don’t happen automatically. Someone put a lot of time, effort and forethought into them.

Last year, we released the eBook 5 Keys to Rockin’ Websites as your “getting started” guide to establishing a great foundation for creating an awesome website. But what about business websites? Do they have additional characteristics or objectives?

In an unprecedented time of opportunity on the web, websites represent the best and most affordable marketing tool for small businesses.  Take time to plan or evaluate your business website during your lunchbreak this week during 7 Keys to Rockin’ Business Websites.

During this lunchtime chat, join our founder Cory Miller (@corymiller303) and Ty Carlson (@tywayne) from iThemes Creative Services as they unpack important elements and strategies crucial to the success of your business website. Grab a sandwich and join us!

7 Keys to Rockin’ Business Websites
Thursday, March 1, 2012
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM CST

Oh, and check out some of Ty’s awesome work, including the recently-launched SXSW Buffalo Lounge site (my favorite):




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