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Frolic – The Social Media Plugin from PluginBuddy

Frolic, the social media plugin from PluginBuddy.com, is a single plugin with a lot of functionality built in. Instead of using multiple plugins for your social media display needs, just grab Frolic and manage Twitter, Facebook, and Google +1 all in one place.

Frolic allows you to display your latest tweets from Twitter, while simultaneously adding iconic social media objects using your choice of either shortcodes or widgets. Customize multiple instances of each object to fit your social needs! The ultimate in flexibility for social frolicking.


“It’s pretty darned simple to use. Once you create an account, you just copy/paste the shortcode wherever you want the object displayed,” says Dan Harzheim, Frolic developer.

Join us for the free Introduction to Frolic Webinar
this Thursday, Feb. 23rd, 2-3pm Central Time.

Reserve your seat here:

Watch the Frolic overview video and get Frolic today!

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  1. I’ve been so ready for this plugin to come out! I already put it at the bottom of my blog. Dan added some classes to make it easier to style anything I want!

    And congratulations Dan on your first official plugin!

  2. Great job! This plugin looks awesome.

    Any chance of adding in some social elements of “get follower count on Twitter” or “get Facebook fan count” etc? I had to build my own custom functions for these, but would be great if they were optimized and baked into the plugin.

  3. Patrick – I’ve gotten this request many times now, and I’ve already added LinkedIn to the feature request list.
    Jonathan – This is also on the feature request list for a future release.

  4. Frolic has crashed two of my sites. It won’t install. Comes up with a 500 error. Hostgator can’t find the problem.

    Frolic is in my inbox for ithemes.com. are there further requirements other than downloading and then uploading for site?



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