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New Time: State of iThemes Webinar + Team Retreat Recap

Last week, we took a break from our normal routine and “retreated.” It was a great time for our team to all be in one place (specifically, one continent), reflect on the past year, and look ahead for what’s on the horizon in 2012.

Cory shared the vision for “Make Waves“—this year’s annual theme. And we can hardly wait for him to unveil it to the public next week during the 2012 State of iThemes webinar (note the new time/date below). Not only will “Make Waves” provide the framework for everything we do this year, but we hope it will foster growth in areas that are extremely important to us: community, web design and development education, and WordPress.

So, without revealing too much, here’s the scoop: we’re taking on some incredible initiatives, but we’re really going to need your help to make them happen. We’re looking forward to partnering with you over the next year and to what accomplishments we’ll be celebrating together by the end of it.

Join us at the State of iThemes webinar as we unpack “Make Waves” (and don’t forget your eye patch, matey).

Oh, and here’s a few pics from the retreat. You can view the whole album here.



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