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(RE)Introducing iThemesBuilder.com as the iThemes Builder Community Site

Update: iThemesBuilder.com has been discontinued and redirected to iThemes.com. For documentation and Builder tips, please visit the iThemes Builder Codex.

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We’re excited to announce a new hub for resources and information for the iThemes Builder Community: iThemesBuilder.com.

Our theme team has been hard at work rebuilding the site, hoping to enhance the Builder user experience with an easy-to-navigate location for Builder tutorials, news, and releases:

Nearly three years ago Chris Jean had a vision of what themes should do when it comes to creating layouts. Eight months later Builder was released in December of 2009.

At that time, most themes simply added many page templates to give users the effect of moving around elements on a webpage. However, Builder changed all that by inventing a layout engine that allows users to create unlimited layouts easily and efficiently.

Fast forward to today and now Builder has an amazing community that we want to celebrate by sharing a central location for Builder users to come share ideas, stories and more.

We hope you find this community a useful source of information and help contribute to its growth.

—Justin Kopepasah, iThemes Front-end Developer

Check out the awesome new site and make sure you join the Builder Community from the site. Interested in becoming an author or contributor? Sign up to share your Builder skills.

We’ll see you on iThemesBuilder.com!


  1. Oh no! White text on black background?! Ouch! Why? I LOVE you guys – but this is such a cardinal sin. And speaking form personal experience – I always shut down any site that has black BG with white text. I have several real problems and know i am not alone in this. I hope you will change it.

    • Karen. We do respect your opinions and preferences, but hope that you can come to understand that light text on dark background is actually quite popular. Here are a few examples of some awesome websites that use this inverted effect.

      In addition, three of our best Builder child themes make use of light text on dark backgrounds: Encased, Covert & Kepler. We hope that these alone will help you come to love this inverted design style.

      Once again, thanks for sharing your thoughts. However, we hope that this does not hinder you from signing up at iThemesBuilder.com. You would be missing out on a lot of useful information.




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