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Intro to Frolic webinar – Feb 23, 2012

Hi everyone. Bes Zain here. :)

When Frolic was released earlier this week, we also let everyone know about the webinar I was going to do on it. Yesterday’s webinar was a success – thank you so much for joining!

If you’re new to Frolic, here’s the summary: Frolic is a plugin which allows you to add Twitter, Facebook and Google+ tools to your website easily, instantly, and without having to dive into any actual code. In the webinar I explained and went through Frolic in detail, live, and also answered all of your questions.

Intro to Frolic Webinar

Here is the entire webinar I did yesterday, taking you from the basics of Frolic to showing you all the different places and neat ways you can use Frolic.

Intro to Frolic with Bes Zain

Intro to Frolic with Bes Zain

Attend the webinars to do more than just watch!

The PluginBuddy webinars I do are one of the best ways to learn about WordPress and PluginBuddy features. In the above webinar, we answered all the questions, did several live demonstrations, and even used actual webinar attendee social profiles as examples to show what Frolic can do for you. All my webinars are available here at the PluginBuddy blog and also iThemes.tv, where you can also sign up for and see info on all the upcoming webinars.

iThemes.tv is where we chat live while all my current webinars are in session, by the way.

For those of you who have been attending my webinars, you’ll notice that I answer each and every question, regardless of how long it takes. I also make sure that the actual chat window gets recorded in the webinars, so that there is transparency for everyone who watches my webinars later on.

For those attending my webinars, whether a webinar takes a little bit over an hour (like the above Frolic webinar) to webinars which take over 2 hours (like the Intro to BackupBuddy Multisite webinar I did earlier this month), I always make sure to answer all of your questions and requests in each and every one of my webinars. Be sure to attend all PluginBuddy webinars as they’re the best way to learn about our plugins and to ask any questions you may have.

Turn your site into a Social Media Powerhouse today!

Have you used Frolic yet? What do you think of Frolic? Which social networks do you use?

As always, you can suggest features or ask questions about Frolic on the Frolic forum. For any comments related to this post, please go ahead and share them below.

Thanks for using Frolic and for attending the webinars. See you around! :)



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