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Be a Backup Super Hero – 9 Mistakes to Avoid When Using BackupBuddy

BackupBuddy to the RescueBackupBuddy is a reliable, easy way to backup, restore, or migrate your site. Think of it as a super power you have to help you preserve your site, your business, and all your hard work. As with any super power, there are some steps you need to take to use it correctly. We’ve discovered a few common errors people can make which affect the usefulness of your backups and sap your super powers.

9 Ways to Be a Backup Super Hero:

1. Create a backup.
Installing BackupBuddy is an important first step, but that alone will not preserve your site. BackupBuddy is powerful, but you must use the power correctly. You must create a backup in order to have a backup from which to restore. Seems obvious, right? And of course, this includes creating a new backup when your site has been modified. The only way to restore your site to its most recent condition is to have a backup of it in its most recent condition.

2. Run a server info check.
By going to BackupBuddy > Server Info, you can run a server check to make sure everything in your server or hosting environment is optimized for the best backup experience. People neglect to run this check, not realizing how important it is. But we know you don’t fall into that category!

3. Run a Malware Scan.
This isn’t a “do it once and forget it” exercise. There are new security threats all the time. We recommend running a malware scan frequently, at least once a week, and definitely any time you upload something new to your site. And remember, if you have more than one site, you’ll need to run a malware scan on each of them to be a true super hero.

4. Schedule your backups.
It’s easy to forget to run manual backups. After all, life gets in the way and you get busy. But forgetting to run a backup can have devastating effects to your site, your business, and to your life. Scheduling your backups is the way to make sure your backups occur, almost in spite of yourself.

5. Send large backups to 3rd party storage, not your email.
While it may seem tempting to have your BackupBuddy backups emailed to you regularly, consider this: each backup can be several hundred megabytes in size. Your email account may be restricted by an attachment size or the amount of storage it may have. Have only small backups sent to your email (such as database only backups), and anything large sent to something like your Dropbox or Amazon S3 account.

6. Do not store your backup files on your own server.
One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to keep your BackupBuddy backups on the same site that you are backing up. Send your backups to an off-site service like any FTP server or your Amazon S3 account. That way, if your site goes down, your backups will not go down with it.

7. Upload importbuddy.php into the same directory as the backup file.
Your backup file should be in the same directory as your importbuddy.php file, and both those files should be in the directory where you want your site to be. In other words, don’t put the files in a subdirectory if the site is to be on the root domain.

8.  Remember to upload the backup file with the importbuddy.php file.
Restoring or migrating your data require both the importbuddy file and the backup file. It may sound silly, but sometimes people forget this step. The only way to be a back super hero is to use all your super powers…meaning both the importbuddy file and the backup file you want to restore.

9. Don’t rely solely on your BackupBuddy database-only backup.
Your BackupBuddy database backup is just that: a full backup of your database. It does not, however, contain any of your WordPress configuration files, themes or plugins. Many times people will lose their entire files, and only have a database backup.
Only the BackupBuddy full backup will contain all the files and the entire database in order to fully restore or migrate a site. Even though we suggest making BackupBuddy database backups more often than BackupBuddy full backups, we still recommend that you make at least one BackupBuddy full backup from time to time.

Be a Super Hero using BackupBuddy.



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