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Focus on Making Backups!

Hi everyone! Bes Zain here from the PluginBuddy team. :)

You may have already heard that BackupBuddy is the #1 and best tool out there to backup and migrate your WordPress sites.

Today we’re going to talk about the most important thing you can do with WordPress in general, and BackupBuddy in particular: make backups! There is a reason BackupBuddy exists, and today we’ll cover that reason and explain how you can easily make backups.

Backup Your Entire Site in 3 Clicks!

Backing up your entire WordPress site is very easy with BackupBuddy. Take the following simple steps which involve nothing more than clicking your mouse 3 times.

Make Full and Database backups - stay safe!

Make Full and Database backups - stay safe!

You’ll have a backup of your entire WordPress site and database in no time!

  1. Click BackupBuddy tab in your WordPress
  2. Click the BackupBuddy & Restore link
  3. Click Database Backup for a database backup, or Full Backup for a backup of everything including all files, folders and the entire database

All done!

You now have a database or a full BackupBuddy backup of your entire site which you can download, send to Dropbox or several other cloud based service, email, ftp, and more!

Here is a direct demonstration of how easy it is to make backups with BackupBuddy:

Making backups with BackupBuddy is easy!

Make full or database backups with BackupBuddy

Backups Help You Avoid Risks and Dangers

Making regular site backups should be the most important thing you do on your site. In fact, even if you are not posting or updating your site much, you should still make regular database and full backups on a regular basis.

We’ve already went through the topic of backing up often and finding out how often to make backups.

Having a backup of your site ensures that you can restore back to an earlier and good version of your site in case any of the following happen:

BackupBuddy helps rescue you and your WordPress sites!

  • You accidentally delete important files, like images
  • You damage important info in the MySql database
  • You delete posts or pages by accident
  • A plugin changes your content accidentally or on purpose
  • A bad plugin injects malware and other security risks into your site
  • Your host has a server issue and loses an entire drive containing your entire site files
  • Your host goes out of business and you want to migrate elsewhere
  • You change hosts
  • Your site or hosting account gets hacked and you want to restore your original uncorrupted site
  • You made changes to your site theme which you want to undo later on
  • You want to get a plugin or a theme back which you deleted long time ago
  • A plugin adds a lot of unwanted info and tables into your database, and you want to undo what that plugin did
  • And many, many more reasons!

Because of the almost endless scenarios in which something unwanted can happen on your site, including your own preference of wanting to undo changes you made, a BackupBuddy backup is your single most important resource.

BackupBuddy will get you up and running with any backup and restore very easily!

Have You Made Regular Backups Yet?

If you haven’t done so already, go ahead and make a backup of your entire WordPress site today. Use BackupBuddy and save yourself a lot of time and hassle, and get full and database backups within 5 minutes with only a few mouse clicks.

For any specific BackupBuddy questions after you’ve installed and used BackupBuddy, please go ahead and post them in the mega popular BackupBuddy forums.

If you’ve any questions about the above video or the points mentioned in this blog post, please go ahead and share it by commenting below. Thanks! :)



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