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Use ImportBuddy to Move Sites

Hi everyone. Bes Zain here. :)

Last week I talked about how ImportBuddy is your best friend right after BackupBuddy.

Today in celebration of the BackupBuddy Month I’ve a very simple video for you which shows how you can use ImportBuddy to migrate a full site onto anywhere else.

Move Your Sites with ImportBuddy Easily!

Migrate with importbuddy.php to any other server/site

The steps to migrate a site are very simple:

  1. Download ImportBuddy
  2. Upload the BackupBuddy backup file and ImportBuddy to the server or space you want to move to
  3. Run ImportBuddy

That’s it! ImportBuddy will walk you through the entire process and move everything for you.

How do You Migrate Sites?

What do you think of the above video? What do you think of ImportBuddy and migrations? Let us know in the comments below.

If you’ve any BackupBuddy and ImportBuddy questions related to a site you’re moving, please go ahead and post them in the BackupBuddy Forums.

Thanks! :)


  1. I recently purchased backup buddy and tried the migrate function of it. The problem that I have is that when I login to the site “www.whateversite.com/wp-admin” it redirects me back to the original database. So, my question is, is it possible to take a clients test site which is currently on my server that I am working on…and move it to their server under their domain, without it redirecting back to my original database on my server?? If so, can you please provide me with dummy steps to do so.

    -thanks in advance for your help.
    Tony Johnson

  2. I too have a question similar to Tony’s. When the site is migrated in this video, there is not a step where the new site URL is introduced. Does the migration assume that the URL will be migrated also? As a developer I often have to start with a URL that is not the final URL. I have had to go into the database and search and replace all the instances of the old URL before the new site works. I have run into a number of difficulties through this process.. I have purchased BB and am curious if there is a way to migrate with this context in mind?

    best regards, jD



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