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Know Your Strengths: Where Personal Development Meets Business Development

To kick off LifeDev in March with the theme of “Know Yourself,” we are going to be talking about two tools we’ve used extensively at iThemes. These tools will help you get to know yourself a little better — StrengthsFinder and Kiersey Sorter (based on Myers-Briggs Personality Test).

Our kickoff webinar will be Wednesday, March 21 at noon Central Time.

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Why talk about personal development when you’re trying to run a business?

We’ve found that the more we know about ourselves and each other, the better we can work together as a team. And, the more we can help each person play to their strengths, the more effective we are as a whole, the happier everyone is, and the farther we can go – together.

Cory Miller, iThemes founder & CEO, will be talking about StrengthsFinder and Myers-Briggs and how they have shaped his life and career and how we’ve used it internally on our team for more efficient and happy people.

We’ll do about 30 minutes of presentation followed by 30 minutes of discussion and Q&A.

Come ready to share and discuss.  (The recording will be posted to the LifeDev Blog (as well as iThemesTV) afterward.)

What you want to do beforehand:

    • Buy StrengthsFinder book (or Kindle version). The book is where you get the coupon for the online assessment and it costs around $14.
    • Take the online assessment at StrengthsFinder.com. Find about 30 minutes of quiet, undisturbed time to take the assessment. This will give you a report with your top 5 strengths and descriptions. (By the way, Cory and his wife Lindsey have found this a great resource for their marriage – so you might ask your significant other to do so with you for talking points! Cory will share more about this in the webinar.)
    • Read up on your top Strengths. The StrengthsFinder book has descriptions, Ideas for Action and more. Study these and take notes of how you see these strengths being used in your life, career, etc.
    • Overachievers will also take the Kiersey Sorter. This costs around $20 for the full assessment and is based on the Myers-Briggs Personality Test. We will be touching on this during the webinar. You take the free version first, then you’ll be asked if you want the full paid report, which you want. Read over that. Take notes. Think deeply. Be ready to discuss.
    • Post your results on the Life Dev Blog at Make Waves! We can start the discussion now in our LifeDev community.

Be sure to signup for the LifeDev: Getting to Know Your Strengths & Personality Type webinar here.




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