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Restore Your Sites the Right Way

As you know, BackupBuddy does way more than just make backups of your site and allow site migrations.

BackupBuddy also allows you to restore sites and all data you may have lost due to data corruption, hacks or any other unfortunate event.

Your BackupBuddy backup file comes into play in such cases. With a backup file, you can literally restore your site to any previous version of your site for which you have a backup.

Restore Your Site

Restoring a site with BackupBuddy is extremely easy. Here’s how you can do it in less than 5 minutes:

Quick Walkthrough of Restoring Your Site

Restore entire sites with just a few mouse clicks and within 5 minutes

Here is an easy check list to follow yourself for all your site restores:

  • Upload your BackupBuddy backup file
  • Upload importbuddy.php file
  • Run importbuddy.php

That’s it! That’s how easy it is to start restoring your site to the version and state saved in your BackupBuddy backup file.

Once you run ImportBuddy, you’ll be walked through all the easy steps.

How will you restore your site when the time comes?

Have you lost an entire site or wanted to revert to a previous version? Have you tried restoring your site with BackupBuddy or any other tool?

Please let me know in the comments below. If you’ve any specific BackupBuddy restore questions related to your actual restores, you can post them in the BackupBuddy forums.


  1. Thanks for the usefull info. The info was very precise and clear to know.It would be known and helpfull to all the users who visit this

  2. Can you please clarify where one may get importbuddy.php? What makes importbuddy.php be different (does it vary with each BackupBuddy release or does it vary with each subsite, etc?)

    I use BackupBuddy on a multisite and if a client wants to make their sub-site into an independent site, I need to have a better understanding of how to make importbuddy.php most accessible to them to use with the backup file I provide them.


    • Hi Razvan,

      You can download ImportBuddy from within BackupBuddy by navigating to the `Backup & Restore` page and clicking the `ImportBuddy` or `Restore / Migrate` button (depending on your version of BackupBuddy).

      You can check out more info from the ImportBuddy codex.

      Also – our team on the BackupBuddy support forum can help in more detail if you’re needing more specific help on migrating sites.

      Hope that helps!

      • Kristen, thanks for the feedback. I am on multisite and my clients do not have access to that method. I can give them access to making BackupBuddy backups but importbuddy.php does not seem to be accessible to them.

        I’d like to see a simple way for them to have access to it. Maybe on the page they view after their backup completes, giving them the option to download not only their backup but also importbuddy.php?


        • Thanks for the suggestion, Razvan. We’ll add it to our list of BackupBuddy feature requests. Feel free to post to the forum about this – it’s possible our support guys would have a suggestion for making this easier in the meantime.

  3. Have used this plugin to restore 100+ sites without issues. My last attempt, it says it’s restored successfully and when it prompts me to clean up and remove temp files, it asks me where I want to download the importbuddy.php file. Also looking at the website, it’s blank, just a blank white page, no errors.

  4. I’m just a bit frustrated. It is made to seem easy, but to a total novice I have no idea where I find server name and info and the like. I just want to restore the site to a previous save. I don’t want to break the site further. Even watching the tutorials, It doesn’t help show exactly where in the ftp protocol to drop the .php and backup file.

  5. I’m with Marcus above, and even more, bothered that his comment has been there since April, with no response.

    This video would be much more helpful to me if it weren’t a video. Too many “this field” and “that field” without calling out the specific names; would very much like a step-wise written guide I could have at my side.

    No information about what to do when one is one a multi-site account. How do I delete everything? CAN I delete everything? Do I need to delete everything first? My host has already told me they provide no information about plugin backups, so they’re no help.

    In other words, thanks, and please help beginners, too.



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