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Intro to BackupBuddy Webinar – March 20, 2012

Hello everyone! :) Bes Zain here, with a quick recap of yesterday’s BackupBuddy Webinar.

BackupBuddy helps rescue you and your WordPress sites!We had a great webinar yesterday, covering some of the most diverse set of BackupBuddy related questions so far.

Due to the questions and my habit of making sure every question gets answered, this turned into one of the longer webinars (though not as long as the super-famous 2+ hour webinar I did recently). The webinars are great for people who attend it live, as I do walkthroughs, live demonstrations and answer all the questions in live chat.

The webinars are also very good for everyone else, as you have an entire tutorial and advanced walkthrough packed into a single video which you can watch at your own leisure.

Introduction to BackupBuddy Webinar – March 20th, 2012

Here is the Intro to BackupBuddy webinar from March 20th, 2012, all the way up to the 1 hour 48 minute mark.

Intro to BackupBuddy with Bes Zain

Learn and see how BackupBuddy works - with Bes Zain

How are you liking BackupBuddy so far?

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If you’ve any questions about the above webinar, please share them below. For any BackupBuddy related questions and your specific sites, you can post them on the BackupBuddy forums.

Thanks! :)



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