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Frolic 1.1.0 is here!

Frolic 1.1.0 goes live this morning! Here are a list of changes being made. Many ( or all ) of these changes are things that have been requested by users through support.

Google+ Badge:

  • Height may now be changed.
  • Theme may now be changed ( light and dark )

Google+ Button:

  • User may now select where the number of +1’s appear.

Facebook Like:

  • User may now select where the number of likes appear.


  • Added subscribe button ( Make sure to read the tip to know how to enable subscriptions on your Facebook account. )

Twitter Feed:

  • Changes now update upon saving. ( No more having to wait for that pesky timer )
  • Feed title may now be disabled.
  • Username may now be disabled from tweets.


  • Title may now be added from widget area. ( This title will be a non-URL title )

If you don’t see a request you submitted, fret not! There are plenty of updates planned for future versions of Frolic this year! ( Seriously, it’s like a grocery list of awesome. ) I hope everyone enjoys the update, and continues to submit great ideas for future improvements.

Join us for the Frolic Overview, including all these new 1.1 additions!

Today, March 26th, 2-3pm Central (Daylight Saving) Time.
Grab your seat here: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/915961738


  1. Bes, what are the minimum requirements as far as wordpress version?

    It stalls out on activation on 3.1, so it must be a higher version that what we have.

    (an upgrade is in the works, btw)



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