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Intro to Frolic and Frolic 1.1 Webinar – March 26th, 2012

Hi there! :)

Bes Zain here, with the Frolic webinar replay from Monday.

Frolic - integrate social media toolsWe did a 2nd webinar on Frolic, which was actually the fastest consecutive webinar we’ve done on any plugin other than BackupBuddy. Frolic is that much fun!

Elise Alley and Dan Harzheim were there in chat (thank you!). Everyone who attended had a ton of questions, and we dived even more into the specific features of Frolic and even more live examples.

We also covered some of the brand new features of Frolic 1.1 , which was released earlier this week.

Intro to Frolic & Frolic 1.1 Webinar – March 26th, 2012

Here is the full Intro to Frolic webinar:

Intro to Frolic with Bes Zain

Find out how Frolic works - check out Frolic 1.1 features too!

You can also see and register for our other upcoming webinars. Being part of the webinars is one of the best ways to get your questions answered, and demonstrated, live!

How are you using Frolic so far?

Since Frolic is currently the easiest way to integrate social media tools into your site, how are you using it? If you’re not using it yet, why not?

Do you use the Google+ tools more? Or are you focusing on Twitter a lot? Or is Facebook your main tool of choice? Or are you using the power of the 3 and combining everything?

Share your Frolic implementations below. Share your blog posts, blog homepage, site front page, or any site link where you’re using Frolic to enable social media interaction with your users for yourself or your clients.

If you’ve any support questions about Frolic, you can post them in the Frolic forums.

For any questions related to this post or the above webinar, or Frolic in general, you can post them in the forums or in the comments below. Thanks! :)



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