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Coming Soon: New Builder Events Block

Builder Blocks are an awesome addition to Builder’s functionality. Blocks operate as a plugin that includes tools for niche site creation including custom post types, custom taxonomies, and any needed custom widgets in one easy-to-deploy package. Currently, Builder has two Blocks (Restaurant and Church) that come bundled with their matching Builder Child theme (City ChurchEntreé and Entreé Pub). Check out this video to see how Builder Blocks work.

The third Builder Block is on the way and we’re excited to share this sneak preview of some of the features of the latest Builder Block…for events! The theme team began mapping out the plans for Builder’s Events Block a few months ago. We spent some time considering what elements are crucial to event websites, eventually filling up an entire 4′ x 8′ whiteboard of ideas.

Builder’s Events Block will make it easy to get your event website up quickly by providing styling for several key event details such as location, date and time, and attendee registration—all from the WordPress dashboard. In the midst of event planning, Builder’s Events Block will make the website the easy part.

Check out a few features of the soon-to-be released Builder Events Block:

  • Event Date & Time Picker – Add event dates and times easily from the WordPress dashboard.
  • Event Location with Google Maps Integration - Add event location and address to easily render a Google map for attendees.
  • Integration with Gravity Forms for Event RegistrationSeamlessly styles Gravity Forms for easy attendee registration.

A few other expected features include:

  • Display a Google Calendar (possibly a shortcode).
  • Add event to Google Calendar button
  • Simple Registration form (for those that don’t want to use Gravity Forms)

Stay tuned and we’ll keep you updated on the official release of Builder’s Event Block—due out soon! Make sure you’re the first to know by following us on Twitter @iThemes.


  1. Please God let it include the ability to customize colors such that dates, especially, events blend in w/the website. I’m reworking a site now and trying to customize the background color for Google calendar is driving me nuts!!!

    • Unfortunately there is no easy way to customize a google calendar without providing your own code. here is an example, but I would not recommend this because you never know when Google is going to change something.

      On a side note, we are working on a solution for a full calendar that may be included in a future version.

  2. Hi

    I run an events business and we have some interesting requirements.

    If you would like some input then I would be more than happy to give as much time as you like.

    See the website I worked with Marcus at The Events Manager Plugin to have things added just for us.


      • For us we run theatrical events in Hotels, which we break in to regions.

        So want to be able to define all of the following once and then allocate them to a new event.

        As an example.

        Location – Venue with photo, description, address, map reference etc.

        Theme – All of our events are themed. So Theme name, description, photos

        Then when you create a new event there is a drop down list for Location, which I select and theme, which I select.

        I do not want to have to enter the same details over and over for different events.

        Does that make sense?


    • There is not an ‘Outlook calendar sync” that I know of (unless you can show me).

      I think what you are referring to is syncing your Google (or other) calendar with Outlook and asking if this will sync with Google calendars. Is this correct>



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