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DisplayBuddy Plugins – From the Plugin Palooza, Day 1

In the first session of the Plugin Palooza, the two-day online training from WebDesign.com, participants learned how to configure, customize, and enhance many of the plugins in the DisplayBuddy Suite.

The DisplayBuddy Suite contains 10 plugins to power-up the visual impact of your WordPress website.

When you watch the replay from Session 1 of the Plugin Palooza not only will you learn the basics, you’ll also gain tips on how to move the navigation arrows in Carousel, how to create your own custom layouts in Featured Posts, modify Slides, cool things you can do with Tipsy, and a whole host of other tricks.

(The first ~12 minutes is the overview and logistics for the event itself. The first teaching session begins at the 11:50 mark.)

Stay tuned for the next three session replays addressing BackupBuddy, EmailBuddy, and LoopBuddy. We’ll get them posted as quickly as we can!

Don’t have DisplayBuddy yet? Get it here, or get the PluginBuddy Developer Suite (best deal).



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