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Sneak Peek: New Builder Events Block

Last week we announced the upcoming release of Builder Events Block. We’re currently testing the Beta internally, but here are a few previews of some of the awesome features that will make adding events to your WordPress site ridiculously easy.

1. Add events straight from the WordPress dashboard.

Since Builder Blocks operate as a plugin, once uploaded, the Block unpacks an “Events” menu within the WordPress dashboard. Simply expand the menu, and click “Add New.”

2. Add all of your event details from one single page.

Builder’s Event Block generates a single page for event details to be added such as event title, description, location and date/time. Even add event notifications (such as “event postponed” or “event cancelled”).

3. Generate an event location map and address.

Add your event address to the “Event Map” section. Builder’s Event Block map can be used for displaying the exact location of your event and allows users to find directions to this location by entering their current location on the event page. Customize how your map appears on your site by dragging or clicking on the map to adjust the location marker.

4. Sync with Gravity Forms or Eventbrite.

Builder’s Event Block works seamlessly with Gravity Forms to provide a simple and organized method of registering for events and managing attendees—even processing registration payments via Paypal. If you’re a current user of Eventbrite, enter your API and User Key to select your Eventbrite Event or add Eventbrite Widgets (Button, Ticket, Calendar, Countdown) to be displayed on the page.

Want to be the first to know when Builder’s Event Block releases? Follow us on Twitter for the latest announcements—we’ll keep you posted!


  1. This looks awesome. Oh wait, I should know. 😉

    I would like to note that the Map and Address meta boxes are now combined. In addition, you will have the ability to set default venues and select from one of those defaults. Although this is not required, it will definitely cut down on the need to type the same venue over and over.


  2. When is the target release date? I’d like to participate in the beta if I could. I have a client that I will need this for in the next two weeks, sounds awesome! Thanks for all you guys (and gals) do!



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