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BackupBuddy 3.0 Features List

With BackupBuddy 3.0 on the horizon, it’s great to know that an even better tool for your sites is coming out soon. Since we’ve been getting a ton of user requests asking for more information about BackupBuddy 3.0, here it is!

Check out some of the BackupBuddy 3.0 features to see how your backups are about to be revolutionized forever:

Some BackupBuddy 3.0 Features

  1. Magic Migration – Move entire sites straight from your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Replace Hard-Coded Links – Everything you have, or a plugin has, hard-coded into any file can now be changed with BackupBuddy.
  3. Command Line Database Backups – Now you can backup database via command line also! Great for older or overloaded servers.
  4. Backup Statistics – How long are your backups taking? How big is your database? How long does writing an actual zip file take? BackupBuddy 3.0 has actual statistics, allowing you to ask your host when some things are taking longer than usual to complete or start.
  5. Extensive Multisite Support – All the BackupBuddy Multisite Beta features are more polished now.
  6. Extensive Multisite Logging – Remember the days (including today) when performing some BackupBuddy operations on Multisites left you in the dark in terms of finding out what happened, in case of any issues? Those days will be long gone with BackupBuddy 3.0 .
  7. RepairBuddy – Yep, RepairBuddy is getting even stronger and stable. You’ll be able to fix common site problems and perform advanced database text replacement also.
  8. New Framework – A completely rewritten framework means BackupBuddy will be faster, more efficient, and less intensive on server resources.
  9. Extensive Troubleshooting Logging Everywhere – BackupBuddy 3.0 has extensive logging everywhere to help you troubleshoot any step you take. So if you get stuck somewhere, there’s a log on your BackupBuddy that will tell you what happened, and where.

What do you think?

What do you think of the BackupBuddy 3.0 features? Which feature are you looking forward to? Which feature are you most excited about?

Share your comments or questions below!


  1. I’m just hoping this will fix the bug that breaks the “Download backup ZIP archive” link that appears right after a backup is completed. I miss that! And it’s broken on so many of my sites. Excited to see the new version!

  2. Awesome list..

    Saw that you added support for DropBox..

    Would LOVE support for Google Drive!!


    • Serious.. where’s the Idea section so people can vote on this and stuff….

      I hate drop box…. and Google Drive is pretty big for business’s…

      Any update on this?

    • Google Drive support HAS to be included ASAP! We’re on the verge of moving to another solution just because it supports Google Drive. Common iThemes :)

  3. Would love to be able to optimize and repair a database via BackupBuddy admin, instead of having to go to phpMyAdmin.

  4. Eddie, That problem with the zip files being a 404 through your website is not with BackupBuddy. My hosting service fixed my problem. I have to request this for each site though. What they said is below.

    We found that a couple of the server’s Mod_Security rules were blocking the downloads of the Backup Buddy files. We’ve whitelisted those two rules on all domains owned by your reseller user, and we verified the downloads are working on jasonlongo.com

  5. Would love to see multi-part ZIP to allow ZIP files to have a maximum file size, say 2GB, for Linux servers whose filesystems can’t support larger than 2GB, or 700MB, if you want to burn the ZIPs to CD to send to a client.

  6. Yes, I have been using backup buddy for nearly a year and it has saved me a number of times. I’m excited to ringout this version 3.

    I have noticed that for every restoral done the db does ask for a new field prefix beyond the wp_ which is great as you want to start with new fields, however, will there be a feature to clean up the old fields after a restoral is done.. I have been doing it manually via the cpanel..

  7. Hostgator (who I use, and you support for “do it your selfers”) has informed me that Back up Buddy is currently on their “we don’t like it ” list because it’s a system hog.

    I used backup buddy and Hostgator actually shut down my site for using too many mysql blah blah blah. Hostgator specifically stated they don’t want BackUp Buddy. Once it was removed from my site they turned my website back on.

    Has this issue been addressed by BackupBuddy 3?

  8. Love the feature list, certainly succeeds in creating a new generation product!

    With that said, sometimes the little things better define a product’s marketplace acceptance. It can be too feature rich but it can never be to simple to use.

    My biggest BackupBuddy complaint is its inability to restore a site with a NUL (blank) MySQL password without jumping through all kinds of hoops. If BackupBuddy can back up a NUL password site without complaint, warning or issue; it should be able to restore it just as easily.

    Please consider making this your NUMBER ONE improvement in the new release.

  9. Would like to see the ability to send backup files offsite to Amazon S3 working without having to be so dependent on shared server resources. I had no problems previously sending files offsite to S3 but now something changed???

  10. Unfortunately, I am no longer able to use BackupBuddy on my multisite installation because I am using Multi-DB with 16 databases. I was told that you are planning on supporting Multi-DB. Do you have any idea as to when this will happen?

  11. I’d like to again ask if the settings could be saved as a (say) text file to be exported from a working site and able to be imported onto a new site – that could save time and minimize typing in secrete keys!

  12. * Make sure that automatic daily backups don’t backup old backups again, wasting disc space exponentially.

    * Make sure that HTTP LOOPS etc error is not screwing things up again

    * Enable restoring the same blog from inside the same blog WP admin

  13. The troubleshooting is the real highlight for me.. working with many clients on shared servers with varied configurations is a massive headache – I’m constantly troubleshooting the process!

    When BB works, it really works! I’m looking forward to increasing the success rate :)

    I’d love to see segmented zipfiles to allow sending large backups to dropbox, too!

  14. Yes, Google Drive support will be very helpful for the users, I consider it essential given the growing popularity of Google Drive. Please consider this as a main feature, will surely boost BackupBuddy’s acceptance for people who think setting up Amazon backup is complex.

    I myself was at first a bit hesitant to buy due to lack of knowledge about Amazon setup and this single factor delayed my purchase.

  15. Very interested in the Magic Migration!!! Any idea when this version might be live?

    Was going to do the migration over the next few weeks and was wondering if it might be worth my while (and wellbeing) to wait.

  16. allow to restore a backup to a new domain after installing wordpress on it. once you install wordpress, you can install the plugin and then import the backup to install it on the domain.

  17. +1 for multipart zip. without this, dropbox backup is generally useless for my sites.

    BTW, I too, have had negative feedback from a host I’ve dealt with re: BB. They said that it was insecure, and wouldn’t enable commandline zip. (Not my own host – I’d switch!)

    I’d love a ‘SYNC DB’ feature! I am often developing locally and my clients make changes on the staging server. I’d love a one click (after config) sync function which remote accesses the other db and does a migration… (eg, skip the whole backup db, download, importbuddy routine). Media could be auto imported like the XML importer! that would be grand 😀

  18. I would also love to be able to optimize and repair a database via BackupBuddy admin, instead of having to go to phpMyAdmin.

    (George Gabrelian says: 05/11/2012 at 12:19 pm)

  19. I would really love to find out what repairbuddy does to see if it can help fix the 68,000+ broken links that I now have on my site since using importbuddy to move my site to a new server.

    The documentation for repairbuddy doesn’t say much except that it is powerful and potentially dangerous and to use it at your own risk.



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