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Just Released: Builder Events Block

Easily manage events with the new Builder Events Block

We’re really proud to announce the official release of the new Builder Events Block — the new event management plugin for iThemes Builder!


Earlier this month we previewed some of the Builder Events Block features that will make adding events to your WordPress site quick and easy. After some internal testing, we updated a few details that provide optimal customization.

Here’s a quick Builder Events Block feature recap:

1. Add events straight from the WordPress dashboard. 
Since Builder Blocks operate as a plugin, once uploaded, the Block unpacks an “Events” menu within the WordPress dashboard. Simply expand the menu and click “Add New.”

2. Add all of your event details from one single page.
Builder’s Event Block generates a single page for event details to be added such as event title, description, date and location. Even add event notifications (such as “event postponed” or “event cancelled”).

3. *New* – Create multiple event venues.
Venues are an easy way of creating default locations to set for your events.

4. Easily generate an event location map and address.
Add your event address to the “Event Map” section. Builder’s Event Block map can be used for displaying the exact location of your event and allows users to find directions to this location by entering their current location on the event page. Customize how your map appears on your site by dragging or clicking on the map to adjust the location marker.

5. Sync with Gravity Forms or Eventbrite.
Again, Builder’s Event Block works seamlessly with Gravity Forms to provide a simple and organized method of registering for events and managing attendees—even processing registration payments via Paypal. If you’re a current user of Eventbrite, enter your API and User Key to select your Eventbrite Event or add Eventbrite Widgets (Button, Ticket, Calendar, Countdown) to be displayed on the page.

Getting started

To get started using Builder Events Block, visit the “Start Here” section located in the Events dashboard menu:

Visit the “Start Here” Section from the Events dashboard menu.

From the “Start Here” section, you’ll  get instructions for: 

  • Creating a New Event
  • Creating a New Venue
  • Locating your Events
  • Adding Events Archive to the Menu

The best part? It’s FREE with iThemes Builder

 Builder Events Block is included FREE with every Builder theme purchase including stand-alone child themesBuilder FoundationBuilder Dev Pack and of course the All Access Theme Pass.

Current Builder theme members: you’ll find the Builder Events Block file added to your membership after logging into the iThemes Member Panel.

So start scheduling those events! And keep us posted on what you think of Builder Events Block.


  1. I like the concept, I have a few event sites that I run that I think this will make some stuff work awesome. I have some ideas that I would love to toss at you to add more functionality here, if you want them.

    • We’d love to hear your ideas, James. If you’re a Builder or Toolkit customer, you can post your suggestions in the forum.

    • Events Block only works with Builder, Dotty! At this point, the only integrations it has are with Gravity Forms and Eventbrite, both of which you can use for paid events.

  2. Looks really good as a starting point.
    Still really really needs categories with category colours.

    • Thanks, Darryl! If you have any suggestions and are a Builder or Toolkit customer, you can post your suggestions in the forum.

  3. Nice job…. Builder just keeps getting better and better!

    It would be good to see options for other event management and registration systems such as Constant Contact Event Marketing.

    • The Events Block plugin only works with Builder, Karla.

      Glad to know BackupBuddy has been a great solution for you!

  4. Works great, stripped down from wp events, but faster putting in events, I can’t seem to locate the time though. I put an event up, and there were only dates available. Event is tonight, but on my sight it says the event is over? what am I missing..

    • Thanks for the comment. Currently there is no time variable for the event. To display the events time, simply post the time in the content area.

      If you are having trouble with the event, please submit your request to this forum.

  5. I am THRILLED about this! I work with many clients who have a need for this, and the solutions you provide are always top notch. I can’t wait to implement this. iThemes continues to provide an enormous value for the money.

  6. Why is this not part of the plug-in developer suite? Does it only work with Builder themes?


  7. This is great, however, I would like to list the next x events in an “Upcoming Events” widget that I can add to a sidebar. Is there a way to do that? I could use Loop Buddy but that won’t let me sort on the event’s start date (that I know of) only on the publish date.

    Thanks, David

      • Thank you, I will submit a feature request. In the meantime, I have tried to use LoopBuddy to create one – the only problem is that I don’t know how to make it sort by the start date meta field from the Events custom post type. How do I do that? Do I just need to know the name of the meta key for that field? If so, what is it?




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