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Friends of iThemes: James Frazier

Earlier this year we launched the Friends of iThemes to our customer community as a way to connect our customers with the “inside scoop” about everything going on at iThemes.

The Friends of iThemes graciously gave us their photos to help decorate our office walls (you may have already seen the installation of the “Friends of iThemes” wall on the blog) and we thought it would also be cool to celebrate some of their amazing stories. From finally opening their own businesses or launching their first website to other unexpected accomplishments that have totally inspired us, we’ve been really proud to have helped partner in their success. They’ve inspired us, so we know they’ll inspire you, too.

So, here’s the next installment of Friends of iThemes Stories. Enjoy!

This month’s Friend of iThemes is the super-cool James Frazier. We’d heard that James was a big Builder fan, so we were glad to hear his story and how Builder has helped him start his own company.

James started with a dream and an idea. He came to Oklahoma City a few years ago to follow his passion of marketing. Along with the encouragement of a few friends, James began researching what it would take to start his own company.

So James bought iThemes Builder for his first website. “Along the path I have been able to grow my company because of my quick turn-around time and cool designs, all done through Builder,” James told us. “I started with a dream and an idea and iThemes has helped me refine that dream and have fun while doing it. So now, 2 years later, I have helped over 30 companies get online and start growing. I love to see these companies experience success. It doesn’t get any better than Builder.”

What’s James message?

If you can not get excited about what you are doing, do something else.

Thanks, James! We’re really proud to have helped.

Visit James’ site: http://jfdoes.com
Jfdoes is a web design firm that services small businesses in the OKC area and beyond.


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