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How to Manage Your PluginBuddy Licenses

The iThemes plugin licensing system received a big update in April of 2013. Visit this blog post to learn how to manage your iThemes plugin (formerly PluginBuddy) licenses.

If you’ve ever used a PluginBuddy plugin, you’ve probably generated at least one license in your lifetime.

Licenses are what allow your PluginBuddy plugins to be automatically updated.

That way, you can avoid manually downloading a plugin, manually uploading it, and manually updating it. A 5-10 minutes and dozens of clicks process gets changed, thanks to licenses, to a simple 10 second one click process.

While your PluginBuddy plugins will run indefinitely even after your licenses expire, licenses allow you to keep everything up to date and safe with the greatest features possible.

I run into many Licensing questions regularly, and thus wanted to share a simple video on how you can use PluginBuddy License Manager to generate/use licenses.

How to use the Licensing Manager

If you run into any Licensing issues, please check out the PluginBuddy Licenses Codex for more info.

For any specific questions related to your own specific plugins and licenses, you can post them in the Licensing Forum.




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