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Free eBook: I Want To Hire You But Your Resume Sucks

What’s the first impression you give to prospective employers?

Hint: It’s a piece of paper.

Another hint: It probably sucks.

The newest addition to the iThemes eBook library has just arrived — right on time to help rescue your resume.

In “I Want To Hire You But Your Resume Sucks,” Cory shares 30+ tips for how to start doing the things that will make you an attractive free agent to prospective employers.

Your resume is just piece of paper, but it’s also a brochure that sells your services to employers. But the fact is: Most resumes suck. Not because of the paper or even format, but because you haven’t done the work building the key areas employers look for to make it rock.

The statistics about those who are underemployed or unemployed are depressing. I have some theories on why those stats exist. Namely, you aren’t ready for a real job. You haven’t done the work to GET hired. But I want to help.

—Cory Miller, I Want to Hire You But Your Resume Sucks

In I Want to Hire You But Your Resume Sucks, Cory shares how to:

  • understand who you are fundamentally
  • discover and follow your passions to find what drives you
  • get the experiences and expertise you need to do what you love
  • start connecting with the right people to land that dream job
  • become a true professional and free agent that is in high demand

So that …

  • you will be more capable to change the world by applying your skills, talents and time in your work
  • your “resume” will stand out above the crowd
  • and, more importantly, in the process …. a lot of other people who have more positions and money will want to hire you!

Warning: These things will cost you mostly time and energy. But you might already have a lot of that on your hands…

Download your copy of I Want to Hire You But Your Resume Sucks



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