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Show Off Your BackupBuddy Pride With New Site Graphics

With our hit plugin BackupBuddy releasing soon in version 3, we thought we’d push out some graphics to tell others you’re site is backedup and safe and secure. (Download all 11 graphics here + PSDs)

If you’ve never lost content, then you don’t know how valuable it is. The text and images you upload (not to mention your WordPress settings and theme customizations) are the most valuable thing on your blog.

But as a BackupBuddy customer, you know the value of what you (or your clients) produce and post online with WordPress. That’s why you have a COMPLETE WordPress backup solution in place — BackupBuddy!

We get emails every week from happy customers who are just thankful that they can go get their backup (stored safely offsite) and restore their site in minutes.

In fact, we just had one customer in our forum tell us that he had a site with  1.7GB, 1500 tables, 100 active WP sites plus an ecommerce system … and restored it all in 35 minutes!

At $150, I think that kind of peace of mind is a bargain.

[ Download all the new graphics here along with PSDs ]






Download all the new graphics here along with PSDs ]


  1. Ellie, welcome to the world of software development. :)

    Nothing ever goes as fast as you want it … and the last thing we want to do with such a huge release is rush it. We’ve spent the better part of the last month testing, testing, testing before it gets to the public beta stage.

    All that to say … I’m as ready as you are! We’re super stoked about 3.0. And have late Monday slated as the public beta release to Developer Suite customers for testing.



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