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New Child Theme Gallery Church with Church and Events Block Integration

You’ll have everything you need for building a WordPress church website with our latest Builder child theme release: Gallery Church — featuring integrations with both Builder Church Block and the newly-released Builder Events Block.

With a bold and modern style, this theme is perfect for church sites that are both welcoming with a fresh, direct message and easy to navigate for visitors.

And, since Gallery Church operates on Builder Theme Core’s layout editor and style manager, you’ll have the flexibility you need to design and create the layout and look of each page.

Easily Add Staff, Sermons and Featured Events from the WordPress dashboard

Builder Church Block and Builder Events Block (both included with Gallery Church) operate as plugins to extend the functionality of Builder.

Builder Blocks add easy-to-use menu locations in the WordPress dashboard for quickly adding specific content like:

  • sermons (and audio files)
  • featured events (with a calendar view)
  • staff members to update your church’s staff page


Gallery Church’s Events and Sermon Styling

Gallery Church adds design styling for Builder Block content.

After using Events Block to create an event, add details and create a map, Gallery Church does the rest:

For sermons, simply add your content into the menu location in the WordPress dashboard. Again, Gallery Church goes to work adding styling to your content for a seamless look:

To see all of Gallery Church’s design features, make sure to check out the Gallery Church theme demo.

Gallery Church is available stand-alone, in the Builder Developer Pack (with 60+ other child themes), and in the All Access Theme Pass.


  1. Is there an initial layout I should be using with this child theme? I’m missing the main 3 buttons on the main page and the social links in the header.

    • Hey Geoff,

      As with all of our demos, there isn’t an initial layout that you set for the homepage. With Builder you can create any number of layouts how you see fit.

      For this demo, there is a header module with a right sidebar containing the social media icons, followed by a navigation bar module. Then you have a content module with a right sidebar, followed by a footer module. Nothing too fancy.

      I’ve made a .zip file that contains the PSD files used for the “buttons” as well as the social media icons.

      You can download it here: http://cl.ly/H2jY




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