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Using Google Analytics and iThemes Builder

iThemes Builder makes it very simple to integrate Google Analytics with your WordPress site. In addition to Google Analytics, iThemes Builder also includes integrations with two other analytics providers – Woopra and GoSquared - which are activated similarly to Google Analytics in Builder.

How to Use Google Analytics with Builder

Once you have a Google Analytics account created, you’ll be given an account ID. This ID be found under the Admin tab within Google Analytics.

With Builder installed on your WordPress site, visit My Theme > Settings from the WordPress dashboard.


Within the Builder Settings page, locate the section Analytics and JavaScript Code. In this area, you’ll check the Enable Google Analytics box and enter your account ID in the text box provided:

Again from the admin section within Google Analytics, locate the Paste this code on your site section.

Copy the code provided here and then, in Builder, paste that code into the text area for List any JavaScript or other code to be manually inserted inside the site’s <head> tag in the input below:

Once you’ve entered this information, scroll to the bottom of the page and save your settings.

Google Analytics will now be tracking your WordPress site’s activity!

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