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Help Support the iThemes Education Program

Last September we created the iThemes Education Program because we realized the growing need for high-quality web design tools and training for students and educators. In the nine months since we launched this program, we’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response we’ve received—but even more overwhelmed by the amount of work still yet to be done to meet the specific needs of education programs.

We want to be the partner to education that provides the most innovative and professional resources for web technology education – but we need your help.

We recently applied for a $250,000 small business grant that could allow us to invest in the iThemes Education Program. This grant would allow us to hire new personnel to create the resources desperately needed to fit the specific requirements of education curriculum, but we need 250 votes to even be considered for this grant.

Here’s a short step-by-step tutorial on the voting process:

1. Visit MissionSmallBusiness.com.
2. In the lower righthand corner, click LOG IN WITH FACEBOOK TO SUPPORT YOUR COMMUNITY and login to your Facebook account.
3. To find iThemes, type “iThemes” into the search for “Business Name,” add “Oklahoma” for the state, and “Oklahoma City,” for the City.  You’ll see our fancy listing: 
4. Now click “Vote” to add your support!

Winners will be announced in September, so we’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for your vote and for joining us in web education!

Photo credits: James Fisher, WindowsTalk.org


  1. Voted! I was just telling someone the other days without ithemes/web design.com my business would not exist! The fact that I have been apart of their initial educators program has been amazing! Teaching at our local private high school and at a local high school in the community in the evenings is SOOO rewarding!




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