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New LinkedIn Features in Frolic 1.2

Earlier this year, PluginBuddy released Frolic, a social media plugin that allows you to easily add social media utilities to your WordPress blog or site. Sure, we know there are a ton of social plugins. But we wanted to make a simple and easy-to-use plugin that 1) you can trust and 2) offers a combination of features from multiple social platforms, all bundled in one single plugin.

While Frolic currently supports Facebook, Twitter and Google+, we’re excited to announce the addition of LinkedIn to the list of supported platforms in Frolic 1.2. Just be sure to change your LinkedIn password.

New LinkedIn Objects include:

  • Share: Creates a LinkedIn share button
  • Profile: Displays a user profile
  • Insider: Displays a Company Insider window.
  •  Company Profile: Displays the Company Profile as found on LinkedIn
  •  Recommend: Creates a Recommend button for use with a product ID.
  •  Show Jobs: Shows job matches based on either company or personal profile
  •  Follow: Creates a LinkedIn Follow button.

Configuring and Editing Objects

After adding each object to the assigned LinkedIn account, simply hover over each object in the listing and click ‘Edit Object Settings’ to configure. From these settings, you can configure your public profile URL or company ID and assign layout-type specifications to objects including display text, hovers, or orientation. Each Frolic LinkedIn object includes separate setting options (for example, the LinkedIn Profile Object):


Once you’ve configured object settings, the Frolic Accounts Settings page specific to LinkedIn will display each object with its specific shortcode for use in content, pages or template files:

Rendering Preview

Here is an example of how Frolic renders each of the new LinkedIn options in a widget:

Stay tuned for the release of Frolic 1.2 soon (follow @PluginBuddy on Twitter for the latest updates) and make sure you have Frolic, the greatest social media plugin for your WordPress sites.




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