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Builder Church Block Now Compatible with All Builder Child Themes

We’re proud to announce that Builder Church Block is now compatible with all 60+ Builder child themes. Previously, Builder’s Church Block was designed to work specifically with Gallery Church and City Church, but now each Builder child theme fully integrates with all Builder Church Block features.

Builder Church Block makes it easy to keep your church website updated by adding custom post types for sermon and staff content. After uploading and activating the Builder Church Block to your plugins area, both “Staff” and “Sermon” menus will be added to the WordPress dashboard:

Builder Church Block makes it easy to update both sermon and staff content

From here, simply add your content and then publish like any other WordPress post or page.

The active Builder child theme goes to work providing the styling of your content, so now you have even more flexibility when creating or managing your church website – with over 60+ Builder child theme designs and counting.

Note: If you’re a current Builder stand-alone Child Theme, Foundation Pack, Developer Pack or All Access Theme Pass customer, you’ll notice that Builder Church Block (zip) has just been added to your Member Panel area for download. Check it out!

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  1. Can the “staff” and “sermons” be edited? I have church (original one) for a client and it says staff (very appropriate) but I am doing a School website and need it to say faculty!

    Any suggestions? (just realized this isn’t the place to ask sorry in advance)

    But I am REALLY excited about the prospect of this particular block to be overall functional! So I agree with Kerry 100%


  2. Is the Builder Theme compatible with WP e-Commerce plugin?
    If so, are there any good examples available to see?

    Many thanks



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