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Backup Buddy 3.0 is Out!

Today, the most essential plugin for your WordPress site just got better!

After months and months of development and testing, we’re super proud to announce BackupBuddy 3.0 into the wild TODAY with some stellar enhancements and new features (including Magic Migration).

More than two years ago, we released the first version of BackupBuddy (March 2010) and to date 98,000+ sites are now using this complete WordPress backup solution to protect their content.

Our hope though is every WordPress site should have a solid, holistic backup strategy so we’ve got a long way to go!

(FYI – a complete backup solution is one that you can do regular FULL backups … then restore EASILY if something happens, or quickly move your site to another host.)

But with each version we’re continuing to add features and enhancements that help you do things more easily, while adding increased functionality that lets you do what you need to do, faster.

NEW Features and Enhancements in 3.0:

  • Magic Migration — this is by far the most exciting feature we’ve added … you can move WordPress sites right from the Dashboard. You simply select the backup archive you want to move and BackupBuddy will automatically transfer it for you and walk you through the steps to do so.
  • Improved user interface and experience — we’ve made a number of tweaks to the UI and existing customers will see the difference.
  • Extensive logging and statistics — we’ve added logging to see where things might go wrong and to help troubleshoot it, as well as statistics to see how big your backups are and how long they are taking.
  • More embedded tutorials and how-to information — you’ll find even more tutorial videos and information about what things are throughout the plugin so you can find answers to questions quickly straight from your Dashboard.
  • Easily replace hard-coded links — When you move a site from one domain to the next, BackupBuddy will make it easier to change those hard-coded links to be up to date.
  • Repair common site issues — although Repair Buddy is not necessarily new (and not for everyone), RepairBuddy is a tool for diagnosing and repairing WordPress installations when things go wrong. RepairBuddy (find it under the BackupBuddy > Migrate, Restore tab in your Dashboard) is more stable and has more polish to allow you to fix common problems with your site.
  • WP Mutlisite feature polish — we’ve given some fresh attention to the Multisite features (still in Beta) allowing you to backup, restore and move WordPress Multisite Networks.
  • Faster, more efficient and less intensive — we’ve seen how bad the sharing hosting world is so BackupBuddy 3.0 has been completely rewritten into a new framework which means better performance (i.e. less timeouts).

Save 30% Off BackupBuddy Through June

How much is your content and time worth? Sites get hacked. You can break something on your own. You need insurance for your WordPress site when something goes wrong!

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Don’t wait, get BackupBuddy 3.0 today!

What the WordPress Rockstars Say

Still not convinced? Check out what these WordPress rockstars say:

BackupBuddy is the first plugin I install on every WordPress site I do. Not only does it provide peace of mind and security for my clients as a reliablebackup mechanism for their sites, but as a developer, it saves me time and cost with the ability to use the Import Buddy option to move sites from my local dev. environment to the client’s live site in a snap.  It’s my top “must have” plugin for WordPress, hands down.

Lisa Sabin-Wilson, author of WordPress for Dummies and owner of E.Webscapes

My business is powered by WordPress which means that having a backup of every change I make is a necessity. Prior to BackupBuddy, creating a backup of my WordPress installations was a manual and time-consuming process. Now, the first plugin I activate with any new WordPress install is BackupBuddy. I love it because once it’s been activated and configured, I can forget about it knowing that it is taking care of a much needed task. My site files and data are automatically synced to Dropbox which means that even if my server goes up in flames, I can easily restore my site in about 5 minutes or so using BackupBuddy.

Jason Schuller, designer/founder of Press75.com

I recommend BackupBuddy to every single person I talk to who runs a WordPress powered website. There is no comparable plugin that includes the amazing feature set of BackupBuddy. Knowing all of my sites are fully backed up on a schedule helps me sleep at night, and that peace of mind is priceless.

Brad Williams, co-founder of Web Dev Studios and co-author of Professional WordPress Plugin Development

Get your site content backedup and protected with BackupBuddy today!

Special Launch Webinar on Friday, June 15

We’re having a special two-hour launch webinar for BackupBuddy 3.0 this Friday, June 15 from 2-4 p.m. Central Standard Time (click the link below to get your time zone).

In this come-and-go webinar, you’ll get a walk-through of BackupBuddy 3.0, and get to ask questions of the iThemes team.

If you’ve been waiting to get BackupBuddy this is your time to interact with the iThemes team!

Signup here: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/568203386

We’re so stoked about this release and hope you are too! And Dustin, the lead developer of BackupBuddy, is already plotting out the next features for BackupBuddy and beyond!

For Current BackupBuddy Customers

If you’re a current BackupBuddy customer, you can download 3.0 now in your member’s area.

Here’s how you can upgrade to 3.0!

As with any new version and launch, there’s bound to be hiccups, and lots of questions. Remember that our support forum moderators are here to help you with questions (as well as live on the webinar Friday).

Share BackupBuddy With Your World

Site crashes and losing content isn’t fun. We’ve been there, done that and it sucks. Yes, our team has lost content and sites before. That’s why we built BackupBuddy!

So if you see the value in BackupBuddy like we do, please share it with others.

We firmly believe that every WP site should have a solid, holistic backup strategy … help someone else protect their site and content today with BackupBuddy.

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  1. fantastic plugin – thanks to your team at ithemes i can start designing with confidence. Knowing that i can migrate and restore it all at the simple click of a button … or two – : ) worth every penny of the developer’s package in time saved on first two jobs alone!!! thanks again!



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