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Two Reasons to Get BackupBuddy Today

With the launch of BackupBuddy 3.0, our blockbuster all-in-one WordPress backup plugin, I thought I’d offer two compelling reasons to get this plugin today.

1. Every WordPress site should have a solid and complete backup strategy in place

What’s your site and content worth to you?

I recently launched a new blog and spent countless hours on nights and weekends writing content, uploading images, getting widgets and WordPress settings set …. and to date there’s 14 posts written (along with several pages).

Imagine if one day that just disappeared.

All that time and energy down the drain. But I’ve installed BackupBuddy and scheduled my full site backups to run twice a month (when I start blogging more, I’ll amp that up to weekly) and set them to my Amazon S3 account for off-site safekeeping if my site ever gets hacked, or crashes.

You might be like thinking like I did over 3 years ago … that the likelihood of my site crashing and I lose my content was statistically irrelevant.

But then in November 2009, we had a server crash. I personally lost valuable content (posts, images, etc). It sucked. Bad.

We spent a couple of days trying to use Google cache to get content for our own sites and some customers. It was tiresome, maddening and the reality of it all sank in to us.

That’s why we created BackupBuddy. We didn’t want that to happen again.

I can’t put a price tag on my new blog (or other blogs and sites) content and work I’ve put into them. It’s priceless.

That’s why we call BackupBuddy the MOST ESSENTIAL WORDPRESS PLUGIN you can have. And so many of our customers say it’s the FIRST plugin they install on their sites.

We hear every day that customers who spend between $75 (for two-site personal license) to $150 (for unlimited sites) … and even more valuable the PluginBuddy Developer Suite of 20+ plugins for $197 … that there sites are WAY valuable than those dollar figures.

I happen to agree.

2. Save 30% on BackupBuddy today.

We’re making it even more affordable to get BackupBuddy today … you can save 30% of those packages through June 30, 2012 by using this coupon code:


So there’s the second reason to get BackupBuddy and thus a true all-in-one backup strategy in place (one that you can restore quickly and easily if you have to) … why wait until you crash and lose your site?

But an even better deal? Use that coupon to buy our complete WordPress plugin inventory … the PluginBuddy Developer Suite. You get BackupBuddy unlimited plus some great plugins that help you display images and text in neat ways on your site, install social links easily, and much more.

So go get BackupBuddy and then get your sites backed up safely off-site today … and have peace of mind knowing you’ve got them safe and secure!



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