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Add Notes/Comments to Backup Files in BackupBuddy 3.0.37

BackupBuddy 3.0 includes some awesome new features and enhancements, but we’re always working to make BackupBuddy even better with your feature requests for new improvements.

The problem:

We got a few emails and several tweets about the ability to name backups, like this one (thanks, Michael!):

Basically, users wanted the ability to note or name backups to associate them with certain things or times, such as “this is my backup before I upgraded to WordPress 3.4.”

Currently, you just have to remember which backup file it is or the specific time something happened.

The Solution: New Backup File Notes and Comments

Lead BackupBuddy dev Dustin got to work and did an overnight “feature sprint” to add new backup notes and comments in BackupBuddy 3.0.37 (due out next week).

To apply notes / comments to your BackupBuddy backup files, just hover over a backup and click “Note.”

A box will then prompt you to add the note you want to apply to the backup:

This note is stored within the backup file (if your server supports this), so they will be maintained even if you download the backup or send it offsite. Zip utilities and operating systems can even read these comments since they’re a part of the zip standard.

Be watching for the release of BackupBuddy 3.0.37 — including new backup file notes and comments — next week!




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