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PluginBuddy.com Merging with iThemes.com

We briefly mentioned in the redesign announcement post that PluginBuddy, our plugin division, is now included in the new iThemes site.

We’re hoping the iThemes and PluginBuddy site merge will reduce confusion about our products and make it easier for visitors to find and access everything they need from one place without having to switch between separate domains.

Some background

iThemes and PluginBuddy have always been ONE company with ONE team of developers and staff.  In March of 2010, we launched PluginBuddy as our plugin division to provide professional plugins with guaranteed support and updates. In the two years since PluginBuddy first launched, our premium WordPress plugin library has grown to include over 20 premium plugins and our best-selling plugin, BackupBuddy.

We were very intentional about entering the plugin market, because we wanted to provide solutions for issues we’d seen (and experienced ourselves) in the wide world of WordPress plugins.

We launched PluginBuddy with these primary objectives:

  • Confidence and Quality – Plugins made by experienced developers committed to high standards in coding practices
  • Support and Updates – Up-to-date, dependable plugins with an on-call support team
  • Less Filtering and Sifting – Plugins that would stand out among the thousands of plugins in the WordPress repo

We’ve remained committed to these goals, but as we’ve grown, we’ve found it increasingly difficult to manage products and content between two separate domains. We saw the iThemes site redesign as an opportunity to evaluate our approach and become more efficient with a single, robust site.

How this affects you

The new iThemes Plugins Store

PluginBuddy plugins are now included in the iThemes Plugin store. The new iThemes Plugin individual sales pages feature new layouts, feature overviews, plugin screenshots and videos. Now, you’ll be able to purchase or renew your plugin memberships directly from the iThemes.com site.

PluginBuddy.com URL redirects

We’ve redirected all URLs from PluginBuddy.com to corresponding iThemes.com pages and merged all previous posts from the PluginBuddy blog to iThemes.com.

PluginBuddy email newsletters

If you signed up for updates from PluginBuddy, we’ll be sending out a notification email about the iThemes/PluginBuddy merge. The content for these email updates will now include updates for all iThemes products (themes, plugins and training), resources and promotions.

Product downloads, support and membership terms

The iThemes/PluginBuddy site merge won’t effect your product downloads (still available from the iThemes Member Panel), access to support (still located at iThemes.com/support) or your plugin membership terms.

Again, we hope this merge will enhance your customer experience and reduce confusion about our products.

We want to be your one-stop shop for WordPress themes, plugins and training and we believe this merge helps us serve you better.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.



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