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10 Keys to Great Landing Pages [free eBook]

Understanding the characteristics and purpose of a landing page is the first step in creating your own successful landing page. In our latest eBook from the iThemes eBook Library, we explain everything you need to know about making great landing pages with 10 practical tips.

What’s a landing page, anyway?

Landing pages have a few key traits that set them apart from a home page or a sales page. Landing pages are defined by a few characteristics:

Landing pages are directly related to ads, promotions or offers. Visitors arrive or “land” on a landing page from an outside location, such as clicking on an ad. Routing visitors to this unique page offers a few advantages.

Landing pages have a single purpose or call to action. What is your promotion or special offer? Landing pages help accomplish a specific objective with a call to action.

Why are landing pages important?

Landing pages offer the opportunity to provide specific content to target audiences. By tailoring landing pages with content specific to ads, landing pages optimize the interaction of page hits by matching target audiences with specific content. Targeted content means a more meaningful interaction or conversation with your site’s visitors, so identifying and developing a strategy for landing pages is important.

Landing pages help track the success of ads by measuring traffic. Measuring site traffic is critical to evaluating the success of ads or evaluating the interest of target audiences. By partnering landing pages with specific ads, promotions or offers, landing pages provide important data on visitors, click-throughs and ultimately, sales.

The 10 keys in a nutshell

We unpack each of these keys for creating successful landing pages in more detail in the eBook, but here’s a preview:

  1. Build trust immediately. One of the greatest obstacles for doing business online is building trust with visitors. We share a few suggestions for “trustworthy” items to incorporate in your landing page.
  2. Make your call to action clear. Your page headline wording should be similar (if not identical) to your ad copy for several reasons.
  3. Keep it simple. Simplicity in design is praised for a reason and we share a few pointers to help plan your design.
  4. Give yourself a “Google grade” (before they do). The experience of visitors on your landing page is important to Google, so it should be important to you.
  5. Think “above the fold.” Learn how this old newspaper approach can help make a better landing page.
  6. Squint. It’s a trick from art school, but it can still help you evaluate your landing page in a new way.
  7. Be a grammar-stickler. This is a no-brainer, but get a few tips for proofing your landing page copy.
  8. Utilize buttons for action keywords. How can buttons help accomplish your landing page objective?
  9. Don’t distract with links. Keep visitors on your landing page. Plain and simple.

To get started making great landing pages, download your copy now and check out the rest of the iThemes eBook Library.

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    I’m a blogger and I write in Persian about ecommerce. Would you mind to permit me translate this great ebook and publish it in my blog? I respect copyright and I link to you as source and put your name (website or writer) and I know that even if I translate it, you are not responsible for the content because it’s in Persian.

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