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Noteworthy BackupBuddy Feature And Enhancement Updates

Here’s a short list of some noteworthy feature and enhancement updates since BackupBuddy 3.0 released earlier this summer.

Feature:  Backup Notes

The new `Note` feature in the backup listing table allows users to set backup descriptions on an archive (for servers that support it). ImportBuddy Step 1 now displays archive note if one exists (and server supports it):

Enhancement: File Sizes in Recent Remote Transfers

File sizes have been added to the listing of recent remote transfers. Recent Remote Transfers can be viewed from the Server Information page from within the BackupBuddy menu:

Feature: Transfer ImportBuddy to Remote Destinations

ImportBuddy can now be transferred to remote destinations from the Import / Migrate page by clicking ‘Send” under the ImportBuddy button:

Feature: New URLs and Paths Sections

Added URLs and Paths sections to Server Information page:

Feature: FTP Option for Passive Mode

An FTP option has been added for passive mode. Check out this information about passive FTP.

Future BackupBuddy Features and Enhancements

In the future, check out the history.txt file or the “plugin information” section of the BackupBuddy Getting Started page for a comprehensive listing of version changes and additions. Look for noteworthy items to be prefixed by “FEATURE: ” (something completely new) or “ENHANCEMENT: ” (an improvement of an existing feature).





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