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Just Released: iThemes Builder 3.5.0

iThemes Builder 3.5.0 dropped late yesterday. This release includes a large number of improvements including bug fixes, feature enhancements, PHP version compatibility fixes and plugin compatibility fixes:


  • Added it_builder_menu_capability filter to control the capability (switch_themes by default) used for adding admin menus.
  • Added the name of the Layout on the Widgets editor when the widgets for a specific Layout are being modified.
  • Split date and time archive titles to allow each to have a different title.
  • Replaced the use of Thickbox with a custom-built solution. This will solve many known and unknown plugin conflicts.
  • Fixed Pods integration to avoid an issue in the Pods 2.0.0 release.
  • Reordered archive.php title conditionals to increase efficiency.
  • Improved View names for search results.
  • Improved a comment styling selector to prevent the styling from bleeding out into lists that are part of the comment content.
  • Improved the Widget Content widget’s rendering in order to allow plugins that pull post-specific data to gain access to the $post variable.
  • Fixed list styling issue that prevented lists with a large number of items from rendering the numbers properly.
  • Added clearfix class to widgets to prevent issues with widgets that float their output.
  • Moved all stylesheets to the builder_add_stylesheets actions so that they can be removed from the action if desired.
  • Made the preview image handling in the Layout Editor more efficient.
  • Made basic performance improvements to the Module system.
  • Restructured code that builds the title tags.
  • Removed unnecessary loop-footer div in single.php.
  • Forced permissions of new favicons to 644 to avoid potential permissions issues.
  • Fixed bugs that prevented Extensions settings for Views from working properly.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Views that use the Active Layout to break when the Layout Editor listing page is loaded.
  • Fixed potential causes of errors when a Module loading problem occurs.
  • Fixed bug that causes inconsistent Views application with bbPress’ custom post types.
  • Fixed issue with the builder_filter_disable_theme_stylesheets filter that prevented it from working properly.

Stylesheet Modifications:

  • Changed “#comments li” to “#comments li.comment”.
  • Changed “ul, ol” margin to “margin: 0 0 0 3em”.
  • Removed “ol”, “#ie6 ol”, and “#ie7 ol” rules.
  • Added “ul ul, ul ol, ol ul, ol ol” rule.

Check out the full Release Notes for Builder 3.5.0 for more details on specific file additions and changes.

Upgrading Builder

As always, make sure to perform a BackupBuddy backup before upgrading to Builder 3.5.0. Check out these step-by-step instructions from the iThemes Codex on how to update Builder using our (free) Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades Plugin.

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