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Why WordPress: Features

Why should you use WordPress? Because it’s awesome. There are a ton of reasons why WordPress is a quality platform for building websites. Here’s the latest entry in our Why WordPress series:

WordPress has the features you need for your site. Let’s take a quick look at a few worth having:

Standards compliant

This might be a head scratcher for many folks, but it’s important: WordPress is fully compliant with WC3, The World Wide Web Consortium. Basically, this means that WordPress follows the basic standards for code so it’s going to work across most browsers, both today and into the future.

No rebuilding

When you make changes to your site, they appear as soon as you hit save. Some content management systems require rebuilding your site after any change, which makes the whole process of updating your site slow to a crawl. WordPress lets you make the changes and move on.

User registration

WordPress offers a full-blown (but optional) user registration system, which allows people to register to join your site. You can offer all kinds of extras to registered users, including commenting for registered users only or posts visible only to registered users.


You can have multiple levels of access for contributors, ensuring that  some of your coworkers can’t post content live without someone else approving it. It’s a good way to install some checks and balances, especially if you have a team of people posting content.

Spam protection

WordPress comes with powerful spam filters out of the box to keep your site free of junk.

Search engine friendly

Out of the box WordPress plays nice with search engines and will help get your content ranked as high as possible in search engine results. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a big business, but you have a huge leg up on the competition simply by using WordPress.

And that’s just a taste of the features WordPress has to offer. Check out the WordPress features page for a complete list.


  1. WordPress is a great system. I was discussing a web design project with someone recently. When I mentioned using WP he said, I don’t think we just want a blog… All I can think is, what would you want to do that WP couldn’t?



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