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10 New Builder Showcase Sites

We recently sent a request to iThemes Builder users to share their latest work. We’ve really enjoyed going through all the submissions to see the creative ways people are using Builder. From complicated eCommerce and social networking sites to DIY business websites and blogs, it was hard to pick only a few to showcase.


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What I love is that I can build exactly what the client wanted.
– Nini Coleman, Phatpencil.com


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This is a website made for a dutch storyteller. We used builder for the design, LoopBuddy for generating the content.
– Brent Wouda, Vanbrent.nl


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Builder allowed me to easily add widget areas into which I could insert the megamenus. That’s where I find Builder really useful. My sites remain easily modifiable so I can accommodate last minute client requests. Also LoopBuddy mixed with some custom post types allowed for the quick assembly of the Sermon Archives and Newsletter Archives. And of course the final migration was then done with BackupBuddy.
– Sandra Christie, Msquaredinc.com


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I like websites that are simple and clean; free from all of the trendy font choices or unnecessary aesthetics. Builder helped me build this site despite my limited markup knowledge. The ability to easily add an image slider and arrange the layout of a page is very helpful.
– Derek Kimball, Designbuddy.com


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The reworks site is Builder from top to bottom – starting with the Covell child theme I’ve used DisplayBuddy for the slide show on the home page, LoopBuddy for the layout of the stories page, and ContactBuddy for the contact page. In addition the “Our Work” page connects visitors to the individual product pages (Lighting, Tables, Art Objects, etc.) which make extensive use of customized versions of the Builder extensions. All of the Archive pages also use modified extensions. So this site is ALL Builder, ALL the time.
– Sherry Scott, Resource-connection.net


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Builder makes it possible for someone with limited code knowledge to do pretty much anything they want to their site. I love Builder. Being able to create different layouts for different pages, integrating LoopBuddy, using the HTML block to do stuff like I have the picture of me and my daughter do on the top right. Hover over and she kicks me. I have used the open tags in the HTML boxes, PHP in those boxes to add features. The flexibility of Builder also allows for your creative juices to flow, because there is always a way to make it happen within builder. That and the support forums are top notch. I haven’t had a single question not get answered in a timely manner.
-Ben Hardebeck, Myraddad.com


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No exceptional functionality here at all, just got some compliments on the design/layout.
-Doug Smith, Rapidwebdesign.biz


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Clean, clear, attractive design. Builder allows me the flexibility to design and build websites that look good and function well.
-Brian Liu, Imaginedesignassociates.co.uk


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I use Builder exclusively and love it!
-Craig Brissell, 3dmesports.com


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This was my first e-commerce site so I decided to try out the the Market child theme along with the Cart66 shopping cart plugin. Builder provided me the flexibility I needed easily create the styling and flexibility I needed to meet the clients requirements. It was also a great learning opportunity to see how Mijireh & Stipe integrate so well and easily for a truly professional shopping experience. I also made extensive use of DisplayBuddy and LoopBuddy to showcase the client’s work and to customize layouts of the various pages and products. I learned a great deal about how to customize Builder on this site and found not only learned a lot about the product and how to use it better but also found the support of the admins in the forum very helpful!
-Greg Davis, Gregdavispsu.com

Have an awesome Builder site?

Share your site with us by using this form. Thanks again to everyone that shared your Builders sites with us. We’ll be posting more of them in the next few weeks.



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