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Why WordPress: Trust

Why should you use WordPress? Because it’s awesome. There are a ton of reasons why WordPress is a quality platform for building websites. Here’s the latest entry in our Why WordPress series:

WordPress sounds all well and good. But maybe you’re still not sure. How do you know you can trust this free, open source platform?


Nearly 17% of the Internet is powered by WordPress. For every 100 new domains in the U.S., 22 are running WordPress.

Fortune 500

It’s good enough for Fortune 500 companies. WordPress showcases how Fortune 500 companies are using the platform for various sites and blogs.


In fact, check out the WordPress Showcase for even more examples of who’s using WordPress. You’ll find big name celebrities, major organizations and highly successful companies.


WordPress has the support of several organizations, including the WordPress Foundation and Automattic. The WordPress Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to protecting WordPress and other open source projects. Automattic is a for-profit company founded by the same guy who started WordPress. They continue to create open source projects and contribute to WordPress. So there are some well-funded groups that are watching WordPress’s back.


First started in 2003, WordPress is a platform with a long history. It’s not some flash-in-the-pan tech startup that won’t be here next year. It’s got staying power.

Open source

Being open source has allowed WordPress to explode. They’ve got more techies working on WordPress than most major software releases have. You’re not at the mercy of some major corporation, and that’s freed WordPress to grow and evolve as the community sees fit. The result? Much of the competition has faded away, while WordPress has grown exponentially.

No legalese

When you download WordPress there’s no legalese or terms of use. There’s a basic license agreement, but rather than being restrictive, it’s liberating. It’s there to ensure WordPress remains free, not to hinder your use. That’s kind of a change of pace from most software legalese.


WordPress is its own economy. There are literally thousands of people who make money from WordPress. These are developers and small businesses, freelancers and designers, writers and business people who are helping others use WordPress. It’s its own WordPress ecosystem. It’s not just one company getting rich and benefiting, it’s this entire system. That’s a good thing—it’s healthy, sustainable, diverse and powered by the people.


WordPress has a philosophy about how they approach software, and it’s not about appeasing the techno geeks who want more and more inane features. WordPress works hard to be easy to use, designed for the majority and constantly improving. Does your other software have a philosophy?




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