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iThemes Builder 4.0 with Responsive Support Is Here

Last week, lead Builder dev Chris Jean shared the preliminary plan for making iThemes Builder responsive. After many late nights and lots of hard work by the Theme Team, we’re proud to finally announce the release of Builder 4.0, including new responsive feature support.

Moving Forward with iThemes Builder Responsive

We’re anticipating lots of questions about this update, so be sure to check out Chris’ post detailing Builder 4.0.

In this post, he answers the following questions:

  • When will responsive-ready child themes be available?
  • What is the easiest and fastest way to get started with a Builder responsive site?
  • Will updating my existing site with this new version of Builder break my child theme design?
  • Can I update my existing child theme to be responsive?
  • What if I want to use Builder 4.0 and one of the responsive-ready child themes but I don’t want my site to be responsive?
  • My site uses Builder’s Style Manager plugin, can I use both Style Manager and the responsive feature?

Read the post: Moving Forward With iThemes Builder Responsive

Foundation Child Theme Series Now Responsive, Too

This update also includes new versions of the Foundation Pack child theme series that have been updated to integrate with Builder’s new responsive support. The Foundation Pack includes Builder child Default (the most downloaded and used Builder child theme) plus Foundation Bonsai, Foundation Glacier, Foundation Church, Foundation Tropic and Foundation Blank.

As Chris explains in his post, this update is just the beginning of responsive possibilities for Builder and marks a new approach to child theme creation moving forward. We hope the Foundation Series will provide a solid foundation for using Builder’s responsive functionality initially, and we’ve identified the most popular child themes and prioritized them for the addition of responsive support compatibility in the upcoming weeks.

iThemes Builder Responsive Launch Webinar  (+Giveaways) Tomorrow, Oct. 19

Get an overview of responsive web design and hear the developers explain the new responsive features in Builder 4.0 tomorrow, Oct. 19 @ 11am CDT. The Theme Team will be ready to answer your questions and we’ll be giving away new Builder swag (oh, and an iPad) to celebrate.
Watch the webinar replay


  1. Great news. I’ve been wondering when Builder would ‘go responsive’. Recently, I’ve been forced to use other WP themes which don’t offer the same ease of use or customisation features that Builder does. Building layouts and tweaking the CSS is such a breeze with Builder. Can’t wait to give it a try today and start planning the swap over from my current theme. I wish you the best as it can only be a positive move forward for ithemes.

    • I see that you’re rocking out the responsive feature now. I still wanted add a reply for others that see this.

      Everything is “go” for Builder and the responsive feature. Simply grab the latest Builder and one of the responsive-ready child themes (currently the Foundation series and Default), and start building. :)

  2. I love that this is responsive. I was using PageLines but made the switch because this is a much simpler interface and easier to use.

    I think with the Air foundation theme you can get some nice horizontal banner style layouts that work pretty well, since you can easily add the full width header image.

    It’s an awesome theme to play with, lotsa fun :)



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