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Just Released: Thrifty, a New Ecommerce Child Theme for Builder

Right in time for the holidays, the Theme Team has just released a brand new (and responsive!) ecommerce child theme for Builder: Thrifty. With a simple, minimalist design, Thrifty perfectly showcases your products by combining the usefulness of three popular ecommerce plugins with Builder’s powerful layout engine:

Introducing Thrifty, a New Ecommerce Builder Child Theme

Support for Three Ecommerce Plugins

Each of the following plugins provides its own set of ecommerce features and we’ve worked to highlight the functionalities of each in Thrifty:

Just choose your plugin, upload and activate and Thrifty goes to work providing the styling for your online store.
Note: Thrifty (or any other Builder child theme) does not influence the functionality of the e-commerce plugin, but has styling and tweaked template files that enhance the presentation of the ecommerce plugin’s output.

Thrifty’s Shopp Features

After working extensively with each ecommerce plugin, our recommended ecommerce plugin is Shopp (based on number of features, backend quality and ease of use). We’ve completely customized Shopp’s default grid and list product views, plus pages for account, downloads, orders, product, cart and purchases:

Thrifty’s Shopp Product List View

Thrifty’s Shopp Product Grid View

Thrifty’s Shopp Cart

Thrifty’s Shopp Checkout

Throughout the development of Thrifty, we’ve worked closely with the developer of Shopp and look forward to the creation of more ecommerce themes that showcase the potential of Shopp.

Thrifty’s Design Features

In addition to compatibility with Shopp, Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce, Thrifty features some great design elements:

Responsive Blog Views

Thrifty’s takes advantage of Builder 4.0’s responsive features with blog views that automatically adjust the post meta based on screen resolution. Larger screens will view the blog with post meta (date of post, author, categories and tags) floated left of the post title and content:

Post meta will drop below the post title and content when viewed on smaller screens to conserve space:

Form and Notification Styles

Since forms and notifications are used frequently in ecommerce themes, Thrifty features some unique styles:


Thrifty has been added for download to the iThemes Member Panel for all current Builder Developer Pack, All Access Theme Pass and Toolkit Members. Thrifty is also available stand-alone, too.



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