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BackupBuddy Stash Now Offers Half a Gigabyte of Free Storage

Today, we’re doubling the free storage we’re offering on BackupBuddy Stash, our remote backup destination for BackupBuddy, going from 256MB to 512MB with every active membership account.

That’s actually over half a gigabyte of free storage!

Here’s why we’re doing it …

We believe every WordPress site should have a holistic backup strategy … one where you can easily restore in the event of a crash. Backups are insurance for your valuable content and data. So we created BackupBuddy.

But what good is a backup strategy if you don’t have it stored safely offsite? So we announced BackupBuddy Stash in October to make it even easier for our customers to do so.

Doubling the FREE storage every active customer of BackupBuddy gets means more people can easily backup their sites. Period.

And we’re super excited about how many of our customers have taken advantage of this free offering and thought I’d share some round numbers about BackupBuddy Stash:

  • Customers using BackupBuddy Stash: 1,700
  • Total storage allocated: 3TB
  • Free storage allocated: 900GB
  • Backups uploaded: 5,600
  • Average size of backups: 22MB (so yeah, with 512MB free storage you’re going to be in good shape I think – enough for 20 backups!)

So if you haven’t adding BackupBuddy Stash as a remote destination and started backing up your sites, today you just got one more reason to start doing so! You’re in good company!



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