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Just Released: Style Manager Update for Builder 4.0

After much work and testing, we’re proud to announce the much-anticipated update to Style Manager for Builder 4.0 is now available. You can see the full release notes here.

Here are two important things to know before you start using the new Style Manager on your responsive Builder sites:

1. Style Manager now supports two different formats: a format for the newer, responsive-ready child themes and a format for the older, non-responsive child themes.

Because of the difference in styling of older Builder child themes and the new responsive-ready child themes, Style Manager has to style the responsive-ready and non-responsive child themes differently. This results in Style Manager having two different and incompatible formats. Starting with 0.6.0, Style Manager will list just the Styles that are compatible with the currently-active child theme.

This could result in some confusion when upgrading to this latest version of Style Manager, switching to responsive-ready child theme and seeing an empty Style listing. The older Styles are still there, but they are not listed as they are not compatible with the current child theme. Switching back to a non-responsive child theme will allow you to access and use those Styles once again. This means that if you switch to a responsive-ready child theme and decide to switch back to your previous child theme, you will not lose any of the created Styles.

Since seeing an empty listing of Styles could be confusing when there were Styles previously, a notice is shown when there are hidden Styles detailing the information provided here. This notice can be seen below.

Important note: Any Styles in the other format still exist and can still be used if you switch from a responsive-ready child theme to a non-responsive child theme, or vice-versa. They have simply been hidden away as they are not compatible with the currently-active child theme.

2. Style Manager still allows the same basic modifications of your Builder site (with a few exceptions).

After uploading the new Style Manager and creating a new Style, you’ll see the same familiar Style Manager editor.

Basic modifications supported by this version of Style Manager include:

  • Site Background (color, image, attachment, repeat, positioning)
  • Site Font (font family, size, color)
  • Links (color, decoration, hover color, hover decoration)
  • Headings (text, background, borders)
  • Container (Background, borders)
  • Post/Page Content and Title Styling (text, links)
  • Comments (text, spacing, background, borders)
  • Basic Module Styling (background, borders)
  • Module Sidebars and Widgets (background, text)
  • Header Module (Background, borders, site title & tagline text)
  • Navigation Module (text, background, borders, hover & active styling)
  • Image Module (background, borders)
  • Widget Bar Module (background, borders, links, text)
  • HTML Module (background, borders)
  • Footer Module (background, borders)

The reason for the slight differences is again due to the difference in how the responsive-ready child themes are styled. The options that were removed would cause the responsive styling to break, creating very poor results on the site.

Note: We hope to re-add these border, margin and padding options (or to provide similar types of features) at a later date.

We’re really grateful to the Builder community for your patience during this update. Making Builder responsive and also providing Style Manager has been a complicated task, but we’re glad to again provide an easy-to-use solution for making basic style changes to your Builder sites.


  1. I noticed that the new version of Style Manager (0.6.0) still does not work with Jetpack. You can still only use StyleManager if you disable Jetpack.
    Calgary Herald

    • It works perfect with latest version of Jetpack on my site. However, I had Sharing and Publicize modules of Jetpack disabled, because these two modules conflicts with some other plugins. The other plugins have not updated yet, though the developers are aware of the issue.

      Try disabling Sharing and Publicize modules of Jetpack; to see if works for you.



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