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Current PayPal Issues – 2pm CST Update


PayPal is currently experiencing issues with processing payments and they’re not notifying our system whenever a customer makes a purchase.  Due to this problem, even though PayPal may show your transaction was successful, we are unable to verify it and make your purchased products available in your Member Panel.

Once PayPal has resolved their issue, they will start forwarding these backlogged transactions to us for processing and you will receive a purchase confirmation email and other information. We apologize for the delay in accessing your purchased products and we’re hoping PayPal resolves this issue very soon!


PayPal has announced that they are now experiencing additional issues with their API.  This means that you might receive some type of “transaction declined” error message during checkout.  If you are receiving an error at this stage, you have not been charged for your purchase; however, you will need to recomplete the checkout process via our website again at a later time once PayPal has resolved their internal problems.


PayPal has announced a preliminary resolution for their payment notification issue.  We should be receiving notifications for new purchases, although there might be some delays.

PayPal is still working on processing the transactions from during the outage, so if you have recently made a purchase and did not receive a confirmation email from iThemes, please allow 24 hours for everything to sync back up before contacting sales or support.



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