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Features & Enhancements in BackupBuddy 3.2: UI Updates, Zip Library & More

BackupBuddy 3.2 has just been released with a ton of new miscellaneous features and a lot of behind-the-scenes improvements. Here’s a recap of some of the new features and enhancements in this BackupBuddy version update.

Server Information Page Now Organized with Tabs

BackupBuddy’s info-packed Server Information Page has just been updated with tabs for easier navigation between each section — Server, Database, Files & Tools.

A few other new Server Information page features:

  • Server results can now be displayed in text format: Easily share your Server Info page Server section in an easy copy/paste text format for troubleshooting.
  • New Server Information items: Added PHP API & PHP architecture (bits) information to Server Information page to better display Server properties and details.

Improved Database & Directory Exclusion Picker Interface

The Database Backup and File & Directory Exclusions pickers located on the BackupBuddy Settings page now features a new, improved interface. With this new UI, the database and file exclusion indicator has been improved to easily see existing tables (which aids in adding additional exclusions or inclusions) and the exclusion background has been lightened for easier readability.

Other Miscellaneous Features & Enhancements

  • User role can now be used to define which users have full access to BackupBuddy (based on capability internally): You can now extend BackupBuddy access to lower user levels and not just administrator role.
  • New Custom Backup Storage Directory: Backups can now be stored in a custom location, even outside of the web directory (for added security purposes).
  • Integrity status details now shows improved interface for easier viewing: Easily see integrity status and tests, backup times, time taken per step and attempts made per step.
  • Daily housekeeping schedule now in place – no longer scheduling per-backup cleanup scheduled events: Improved performance, full daily cleanups for peace of mind and less server resource usage.
  • Advanced option to skip brute force migration on ImportBuddy import: This skips one of the slow portions of migration that hangs up users on very large sites.
  • New archive limit option to limit by age, in days: Automatically delete archives during backup that exceed a certain age limit to get rid of backups that are older than desired.

Zip Library Update

Thanks to Jeremy Trask for this big update to ZipBuddy, the part of BackupBuddy that works behind the scenes to zip up all of your files and extend compatibility of functions.

A few specifics about this ZipBuddy update:

  • Alternate zip system rolled into main system so no longer needed (setting is unchecked for all users now)
  • Systems falling into compatibility mode now support file/directory exclusion automatically
  • All fallback methods now support all zip/unzip functionality except ZipArchive is not supported for zipping.
  • Integrity test can now use all zip methods (command line zip via exec, ziparchive & pclzip fallback).
  • New Setting to ignore non-fatal errors when building the zip file.
  • Additional logging including server information / environment, 32 vs 64 bit, etc.
  • Zip methods cached for 60 minutes but auto-refresh on migration, server info page refresh, etc.

How to update

All current, licensed BackupBuddy users will find the BackupBuddy 3.2 update available from within the WordPress dashboard via Plugins > Installed Plugins. You can also download the latest version of BackupBuddy after logging in to the iThemes Member Panel (check out our free Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades plugin for manual updates).



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