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[Video] How Anyone Can Hack Your WordPress Site In Less Than 5 Minutes And How To Prevent It

This webinar, hosted by Dre Armeda, covers how anyone can hack your WordPress site in less than 5 minutes (which he actually demos live) … and what you can actually do to prevent it.

Topics Covered

  • Knowing your enemy
  • WordPress-loving Infections
  • Access control
  • Tips for preventing and dealing with hacks
  • Plugins that can help with security


  1. Thanks so much for posting this. It was extremely useful and it is nice to have a knowledgable voice and something recent for 2013.

  2. Mmm… How to hack a WordPress website… Isn’t this website a WordPress theme… Hahaha. Awesome Video Guys! I wish I could win a year subscription with securi, NOW THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!

  3. WordPress or Joomla or any other CMS Platform sites are very easy to hack if you’re not aware of the security of your websites. Installing Plugins and Free Themes may cause in many situations. Better to avoid installing Free theme and better to buy any theme from iThemes or from somewhere else.

  4. Once I had my wp site hacked due to non regularly updates (it was version 2.xx) since then I use only HTML + CSS sites, so no more hassels, no more updates & not using any php files except for the contact page, Do I still need to worry about those hack attempts explained above in the video ??

    Concerning the demonstration wp hack, What if the “wp-admin” folder protected against the IP ? simply by adding .htaccess ip allow deny rule (so that way only I can access to the admin panel even with the pw )

    Any thoughts ?
    thanks, cordially Amila

  5. […] 2. Restrict login attempts using the Limit Login Attempts plugin for WordPress.  Most sites are compromised using a “brute force” attack where an automated system discovers your admin account user name then tries a list of passwords against it.  By limiting the number of login attempts, the bot can only try a few times and then has to wait an hour or so try again, this makes it impossible for them to go through their password list.  Want to see how it works?  Here’s @dremeda hacking a WordPress site in 5 minutes [Video]. […]

  6. OMG- My website got hacked last year, and it was such a mess. I had 2 other websites hosted on my same FTP server, and they were all being redirected to some weird website selling pharmaceuticals or something. I worked on it for probably 2 days before I gave in and started looking for professional help. I found a website called eSecurityPros.com and worked with their technicians. They had my sites completely fixed, up and running in a day. The whole thing costs about $200, but definitely worth it. I’d recommend them to anyone.

  7. @Robert Collins
    Reducing login attempts against a 90,000 strong botnet is a useless tactic on its own. Login attempts are based on IP address. With that many addresses and that much badwidth, the brute force would be insanely fast. About as fast as the server could handle. Which is why it bogs you down. It’s using all is resources processing the information and bandwidth from the botnet.
    Login attempt isn’t a bad idea, but definitely add in the other security measures.

  8. Thanks a lot for this amazing wordpress hack thing. I am impleting this method on my site now so that i don’t get hacked.
    Keep sharing info related to wordpress like this one.



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