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How to Run a WordPress Meetup, Part 7: Top Tips for Awesome Meetups

We’ve been talking WordPress meetups for a while now and we’ve collected some of the best of the best tips. Here are the top tips for creating awesome WordPress meetups:

Promote, promote, promote.

“Turnout generally depends on how good of a job we do with promotions,” says Toby Cryns, co-founder of the Minneapolis-St. Paul WordPress User Group. If you want people to show up, you need to spread the word. Check out this post for more tips on promoting your meetup.

Pick a consistent day of the month and time to meet.

For example, this could be the first Friday or third Wednesday of each month. It makes it easy for everyone to remember the event and plan on it. Here are a few more tips for picking a meetup time.

Share content from your meetup.

“Our videos have benefitted the global WordPress community, and that’s awesome!” says Steve Bruner, organizer of the New York City WordPress Community.

Provide value.

“People want to know that they are joining something of substance,” says Tony Cecala, organizer of the Dallas/Fort-Worth WordPress Meetup. “It almost goes without saying that the content of the meetup should be valuable. If members feel that someone is just on stage to pitch to them, the reputation of the meetup takes a hit.”

Learn from mistakes.

“I’ve made mistakes, but I try not to ever make the same mistake twice,” says Tony Cecala.

It’s OK to charge.

“I charge to ensure that the members have a quality experience,” says Tony Cecala. This can also help if space is a concern. Charge a nominal fee like $5 will vastly increase the number of RSVP folks who actually show up. Check out this post for more info about dealing with meetup costs.

Stay tuned for more upcoming posts in our series How to Run a WordPress Meetup. We’ll be sharing more tips, resources, advice and interviews with local WordPress meetup leaders.




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